Friday, March 22, 2013


Goodness, I've disappeared.
Goodness is infiltrating my life.
Goodness, the food I've been eating has changed me.
Goodness, I can't decide if I'm coming back.
Goodness is spending time with my family in lieu of technology.

For Lent, I decided to fast Facebook, dairy, and any white/processed foods. Then, on March 10, my church began a Daniel Fast (you can google it), which is basically 21 days of a vegan diet with even more limitations. It's based off of Daniel 1 & 10 in the bible. I've really honed in on God, started journaling trials, triumphs, personal prayers and prayers for my friends and family. And let me tell you what... It feels SO GOOD to be nourishing my body, mind and spirit and spending time with my sweet little girls. They're growing like weeds, by the way. Norah turned 9 months old on St. Patrick's Day. Yes. NINE months. I cannot believe it. Sadie is 4 going on 12. She's got beauty, brains, and sass.

Not sure if anyone is still out there. I know this hiatus was unannounced, but I've just redirected and am still trying to find my place in this little internet world. Good news is that I've started fitting into my wardrobe, again. Hah. So I might be able to do some outfit pictures.
If I ever find my camera charger.

Here's a little photo update in case you're wondering how much my kids have grown/changed in the past few months!

 Sadie started a Discipline Jar, which consists of filling a mason jar with craft pom-poms for good deeds, good manners, and chores. When she fills it, she gets to go on a date with Mommy or Daddy. A few weeks ago, I took her ice skating. She loved it and was SO good at it. Tonight, she's going bowling with Daddy! 
Norah is a little pistol. She's Mommy's girl and is sweet, sweet, sweet! That photo in the green dress, above, is her on St. Patrick's Day. 
And the photo below is Clarke, me, and Sadie (in the same dress). Scary resemblance? Sadie was about 7 months in that photo, has way blonder and way less hair. But they look very much alike!
 Signing off again, at least until Lent is over! I pray that everyone is doing well.