Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Styling maurices: Graphic

You might recognize this outfit! Kristie is a big fan of lace burnout graphic tees and I told her they were completely out of my comfort zone. She said, "Perfect!" Our goal was to get me a little out of my "normal" and into some of the things I've been dying to try but usually stay away from.

My exact top isn't online, but it's in the same line as this Scroll Print Allover Lace Tee!

I can't wait to style this tee more ways. I'm thinking it'll go with a boyfriend blazer next, but what on the bottom? And what color should I feature underneath?! I'm so glad Kristie chose this piece for me, because it's stretchy, soft, comfortable, and has just a little bit of rhinestone bling on it!

I'm thinking my next lacy tee from maurices will be THIS ONE! Gorgeous, huh?

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Trendy Tots Tuesday: Tutu

Happy birthday, Mommy!!!

Little S. had a princess birthday party to attend last week and tried as we did, we couldn't find a princess costume at Target that was her size (totally last minute - this is how I function nowadays). We did, however, find this adorable striped tee with a pink flower embellishment and I immediately thought it would look perfect with her tutu from Aunt Marli! And so it was. Princesses totally wear tutus, anyway.

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Monday, August 29, 2011

Styling maurices: Ditsy

A while back I wrote about meeting with a Brand Marketing Lead, Kristie, from maurices. This blog series is long overdue, mostly because I was trying to do the experience justices. maurices provided me with a $100 gift card and the evening I met with Kristie, she also introduced me to the brand, the different lines within it, and spent a few hours styling me at our new Greenville store. It was so much fun! I'm usually the one styling people, so it was really cool to be on the other end for once. This week, I will post an outfit including one or more of the items I bought from maurices, either with the gift card or with my own money. It was about halfsies including tax, just to give you an idea. Every day except tomorrow (Trendy Tots Tuesday!), I'll show you these pieces, talk about why I chose them, and on Sunday, I'll review the brand and my entire experience!

Today, I'm featuring the Belted Floral Chiffon Dress in "Earth Red Combo." It has a beautiful ditsy flower print in perfect fall colors, a smocked natural waistline, and comes with a skinny brown belt. I've worn it to church already and had plenty of compliments, but I'm most excited to style it with chunky sweaters and boots when the weather cools off a bit! I paired this flowy piece with taupe Harem Wedge Slingbacks, also from maurices. These babies are SO comfortable and so on cue with the wedge trend. I also love how they sort of change depending on what you're wearing. Sometimes they look more tan and sometimes they look more green.

Ahem, please excuse my chipped toenail polish. Rest assured, Little S. has gorgeous toes, painted with Ulta's "mint condition." I'm following suit very soon.

Kristie chose this dress for me because I was drooling over it on the display. I pretty much love everything floral and everything dress. The shoes were a pick I wouldn't have chosen for myself, but I'm so glad Kristie grabbed them for me because I'm in love! I'd love to hear your ideas for styling this dress in the coming season! I plan to wear it all.the.time because of its insane comfort and perfect colors!

Please pray for my mommy. She went into surgery early this morning, hopefully to get rid of the VERY LAST BIT of thyroid cancer!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Project Self: Juice

Most of you who regularly read already know that my husband and I are doing a juice fast. Today is day 7 and we've both had some ups and downs from last Saturday to this point, but I think we're happy to keep going after talking through our feelings. Husband is very confident that he can "go the distance," while I have wavering cravings between lentils and salad or pizza and pasta. Obviously, I don't want to break my fast on a pizza/pasta kind of day.

Another challenge facing us right now is hurricane Irene. She's headed right for our area on Saturday afternoon and while everyone is boarding their windows on the coast, inland, I'm worried about the electricity going down for a length of time, in which case, we can't juice. Also, produce will go bad in the fridge after 24 hours, so we're praying and crossing our fingers that everyone stays safe and that we have access to the juicer. I know that sounds so lame in comparison to the millions who've been hit and for what's to come. I'm really not shallow, but it's something we have to face this weekend if the time comes. Most canned/dried foods aren't exactly "healthy."

If you're interested, keep reading to see some of my favorite juice recipes to date and a photo of ... a ton of produce at once.

8 cups of kale, 8 large carrots, 4 large beets, 2 red delcious apples, 2 inches of fresh ginger

My friends, that is a picture of TWO juice servings pre-juice. You ingest so.many.nutrients on this fast, it's not even funny. In the same vein, you are not ingesting several of the things your body is used to, so you have to weigh the pros and cons if this is a fast you're interested in trying. Barring the last two days, while I've had a really bad head cold, I've felt pretty good. I had a headache on day 2, which is totally normal. And colds are normal as well, but I still attribute my virus to the kiddos since they all have runny noses and slight coughs. We all woke up with it on the same morning and they're not juicing. The math is pretty plain to me.

Our favorite juices so far are: Blackberry Kiwi and my creation, "Watermelon Wonder."

Watermelon Wonder Juice
- 1/4 small watermelon, sliced and cubed, use rind!)
- 1/4 c. fresh pineapple, cored and diced
- 1/4 c. fresh blueberries
- 1 c. purple cabbage
- 1 heart of romaine
** Place ingredients in juicer, stir to blend. Enjoy.

Yes, we like fruit in our juices. Yes, fruit is high in sugar. And yes, I'm a little nervous about all the sugar I'm taking in by juicing a zillion fruits a day. I also juice tons of veggies and greens, but just because I have lots of those doesn't mean they cut the sugar I'm taking in. We were also nervous about protein, although I've read tons of mixed reviews on worrying about protein while fasting. One school of thought is that your muscles will break down if you don't eat the right amount and right type of protein, so a fast is depriving you of that. The other is that a fast is a cleanse- a detox, and while your body might not be taking a certain nutrient, now is not the time to build. It's the time to break down so you can be a clean slate to build upon when done. Now, if I planned to go a ridiculous amount of time on juice only, I'd be a little nervous about the protein thing. But we're not getting crazy up in here. Promise. And we do eat two egg whites each day + kale and spinach are packed with protein! Usually you wouldn't get the amount you need via eating a green salad each day, alone. But with the quantity of greens we take, I'm not that concerned.

I really appreciate ALL of you who are supporting and encouraging me to continue this fast. Your comments, emails, and tweets have been pushing me forward when I get weak. I hope I can make it to my projected goal date, but I also want to break my fast in time to re-introduce solid foods and feel comfortable enjoying my best friend's wedding! So everything is day-by-day and in stride. We do what we feel and right now, we're moving forward with juice tomorrow! Now, for the weigh-in!

last week's weight: 189.6
current weight: 182.4
down: 7.2
lbs. to go:  62.4

Obviously the fast helps you lose weight. But it's tough to keep it off since this is such a drastic way of "eating." I'm also painstakingly aware of that, but if you've read over the week or watched my video diary, you know that I'm in this for the cleanse, not the weight loss. It's just an added perk and good motivation to keep healthy when we move on!

Now, link your healthy self up!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I Want Food

While most of you who are regular readers know that I'm on a juice fast, some of you might not know that it's Day 6 and I desperately want food. Macaroni and cheese, pizza, brownies, hot dogs, sandwiches, lentils, pita and hummus....

And honestly, my friends, instead of writing a real blog post, I'm busy trying to curb my mind and drink a ton of juice to get my mind off the food. I've been praying for strength and so far, it's worked. But I'm at my wit's end. And it's not the end.

Thanks for your continued support and for putting up with my antics. I've always been known to be a little (ahem, a lot) dramatic. "Be aggressive" and "Take it to the limit" are my cheerleading stances at this point. Check out my juice diary so far!

Spotty Dotted

Sunday afternoon, I ran a bazillion errands and it was blazing hot. I think the truth of the matter is that I just wear this black skirt every.single.weekend. I wash it between. Promise. One of the places I needed to go was a play date, so comfort was definitely number one on my priority list. Number two? No sweatpants. So a skirt that feels like sweatpants is the best compromise, ever.

top and skirt: Old Navy
shoes: Target
necklace: Barberry & Lace

See that giant pile of construction with a roof on top behind me? Yeah, THAT house is being built approximately 10 feet away from my back yard fence. It sits up on higher ground, too, so when people move in, no more panty walking or letting the dogs out in my t-shirt. They'll get to see everything. Best part? When we bought our house, the realtor told us the empty lot behind us was too small to build, so we wouldn't have this issue. 

Hah. Small lot? Make a small house. Done and done. I don't know if I'll be welcoming these neighbors with jello salad. But they'll probably be awesome people and I might have to get over their proximity since it's not their fault, after all. I'm still going to miss letting the dogs out in my underwear, though.

What's your weekend wardrobe staple?

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Trendy Tots Tuesday: Southern Belle

My girl is blossoming into a little southern belle! She adores her big, fluffy bows, pretty dresses, and big photo poses! Plus, Husband just really knows how to capture this kid at her best! Without further ado, here's Little S. in her Sunday best!

dress: I don't know the brand, but we got it from a consignment shop!
TAGS STILL ON - can you believe it?

This one has to be one of my favorite Little S. photos of all time. Can't wait to frame it. Or maybe I'll get it blown up on canvas! Even with the neighbor's big, black truck in the background. :)

Every single day, I'm more and more thankful for this sweet blessing. I wonder what I did to deserve her.

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Juice Fast Diary

Monday, August 22, 2011

Sunday Besties

Most of you know from reading my big announcement on Friday that my husband and I have embarked on a juice fast. Well, I felt so awesome Sunday morning that I just about skipped church. Headache, exhaustion, dizziness, weakness... Awesome. I'm glad to report that I'm feeling much better now! I think the second day was kind of a shock and then possibly BOOM. Day 3 - under control. I've got this. Right? Hope so.

In related news, I did end up getting my lazy bum out of bed and dressed for church (after slicing, dicing, peeling, and juicing). And I'm really glad that I didn't give up! Plus, I got to break out my brand new olive top from Old Navy!

top: Old Navy
cardigan: Target
jeans: New York & Company
shoes: Sbicca via Ross
necklace: New York & Company

If you have any questions about my juice fast, feel free to email me at alittlebitofthisblog(at)gmail(dot)com. I know there are concerns and opinions, which I'm willing to take in as well. I'd rather talk to everyone who has questions or comments about the fast via email so we can actually converse! I'm also making a daily vlog on what I did, victories, concerns, etc. You can find them on my YouTube channel. Comments and questions are very welcome there since it's all about the fast! If you'd like more information about the program I'm using, check out Reboot Your Life!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sponsor in September!

I support online boutiques, local retailers, etsy shops, and fellow bloggers! Please email me for more information, including stats and media kit upon request!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Intense Adoration: Blooper Reel

I intensely adore bloopers. Don't you? Most of my awkwards are results of being flustered with Husband while he's being so sweet to take my picture. I look so evil! Bwahahaha. Or sometimes I look like I'm sniffing the air. Hmmm.

Oh goodness... this next one is NOT pretty.

Didn't think he was gonna snap from all the way down there, but oh, he did.

I guess this is my, "I have no idea what to do in the middle of our street" pose.
Someone needs to remind me that shrugging does nothing good for my neck/chin(s).

And even little miss perfect, herself, can't escape a good blooper every now and then!
Find anything good up there, Small Wonder?

Happy Saturday! Hope I could help you start your weekend off right!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Project Self: Clean the Fridge

The most important part of leading a healthy life (other than making the commitment to do so) is eating properly. We've talked about it before, but let me just show you what I mean. Here's my refrigerator in its current state. I had to really break down, empty the entire thing, and start from scratch. But now, we build on healthy blocks every week and don't have any toxic residue left behind for temptation.

Preface: Not all of my food is organic. And no, beer and wine are not good for you while you're trying to lose weight. Duh. Oh, and that beer is NOT mine. Ew. I can't say the same for the wine...

L to R (all organic/cage free/antibiotic and hormone free): 
turkey breast, turkey bacon, kiwi, strawberries, vine ripened tomatoes

We buy all of our meat at Fresh Market because I can't bear to eat non-organic meats. And it tastes way better this way. Promise.

L to R and F to B: 
organic strawberries, Dannon OIKOS vanilla greek yogurt, Stoneyfield Farms OIKOS plain greek yogurt, more vanilla greek yogurt, Country Crock that I need to throw away because we don't use it, Arnold Health-full bread, Nature's Own 100% whole wheat hot dog buns, Nature's Promise organic eggs, organic egg whites (don't remember the brand)

L to R(ish):
Horizon part-skim organic cheese sticks, organic cheddar (in baggy), Kraft cheddar, organic feta on top of Sabra classic hummus, Little S' ham, part skim shredded mozzerella, Little S' cheese sticks (Borden?), fresh ginger and lemongrass

If you're like me, cheese is a major weakness. Horizon's part-skim organic cheese sticks are a great stand-in when a craving hits and they're a good source of protein for a small snack. Make sure to pair your protein with a good carb like a pear or apple. I stick (as best I can) to a 1400 calorie/day regimen which allows for 3 meals at 400 calories each and one afternoon snack at 200 calories.

L to R(ish):
organic oranges, organic apples, conventional lemons, organic pears, conventional carrots

F to B:
conventional green onions, organic red and green peppers (underneath), organic spinach

Buying organic is definitely more expensive, but your health is an investment. I'm not going to go all haywire on why I choose to eat organic when I can, but it's a choice I've made and try to stick to for my family and myself. What I find *most* helpful about eating organic meats and produce is that when I spend more dollars on healthy foods, I have less dollars to spend on cheapie snack crap. This yields more lean proteins, fruits, and veggies and less crackers, chips, and cookies in our house. Win-win? I think so.

If you have any questions about what foods you should buy organic and which ones you can get away with buying conventional, Katy is a great source!!! She helped me a lot when I first started changing to organics. Now, I don't *always* follow the golden rules. For instance, in a perfect world, my lemons, green onions, and carrots would all be organic. I use the lemon ZEST, so the peel is definitely touched with pesticides and other chemicals when the inside isn't, so if you're just using the meat of the fruit, conventional is totally okay. Get it?

The deets:
last week - 189.6
this week - 190.2
up: 0.6
69.8 lbs to go

My refrigerator is somewhat moot at this point, however.

I'm a little bit frustrated about how clean and healthy I've been eating and I'm not seeing the weight drop. After my initial 16 lbs, nothing has really happened and I've been on a 1 lb fluctuation for three weeks. After talking with my family, watching a few documentaries on cleansing and healthy fasting, discussing my decision with the doctor for whom I work, and getting Husband in on the plan, I've decided to cleanse and reboot. We are focused on weight loss, but not primarily. We want to clean our bodies of the nastiness we've done to them, introduce a micronutrient rich diet into our lives and well... try something drastic together.

So, for the next (x amount of) days, Husband and I will be doing a juice fast. Yep, I just sprung that one on you since I know everyone's going to have a zillion opinions and no matter what, I'm doing it. I'll be reporting!

Ready. Set. LINK!