Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I Want Food

While most of you who are regular readers know that I'm on a juice fast, some of you might not know that it's Day 6 and I desperately want food. Macaroni and cheese, pizza, brownies, hot dogs, sandwiches, lentils, pita and hummus....

And honestly, my friends, instead of writing a real blog post, I'm busy trying to curb my mind and drink a ton of juice to get my mind off the food. I've been praying for strength and so far, it's worked. But I'm at my wit's end. And it's not the end.

Thanks for your continued support and for putting up with my antics. I've always been known to be a little (ahem, a lot) dramatic. "Be aggressive" and "Take it to the limit" are my cheerleading stances at this point. Check out my juice diary so far!

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