Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Spotty Dotted

Sunday afternoon, I ran a bazillion errands and it was blazing hot. I think the truth of the matter is that I just wear this black skirt every.single.weekend. I wash it between. Promise. One of the places I needed to go was a play date, so comfort was definitely number one on my priority list. Number two? No sweatpants. So a skirt that feels like sweatpants is the best compromise, ever.

top and skirt: Old Navy
shoes: Target
necklace: Barberry & Lace

See that giant pile of construction with a roof on top behind me? Yeah, THAT house is being built approximately 10 feet away from my back yard fence. It sits up on higher ground, too, so when people move in, no more panty walking or letting the dogs out in my t-shirt. They'll get to see everything. Best part? When we bought our house, the realtor told us the empty lot behind us was too small to build, so we wouldn't have this issue. 

Hah. Small lot? Make a small house. Done and done. I don't know if I'll be welcoming these neighbors with jello salad. But they'll probably be awesome people and I might have to get over their proximity since it's not their fault, after all. I'm still going to miss letting the dogs out in my underwear, though.

What's your weekend wardrobe staple?

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