Saturday, April 30, 2011

Intense Adoration: 4.30.11 Inspirational Blogger Outfits

For this week's Intense Adoration, I'm doing something a little bit differently. I ran across a few outfits to file away in my inspiration folder, this week. And instead of sharing food or products with you, I really wanted to share five outfits that I'm totally digging and hope to recreate!

 Rochelle: Rochelle Approved

Any outfits you might file away for later inspiration?
Have a wonderful weekend!

Friday, April 29, 2011

It's the Thought that Counts

I have to tell you the truth.
I'm not really wearing this.
But I was... I got dressed this morning, took Little S. to daycare, and then, on my way to work, something bad happened. I had some severe cramping that turned into a sharp pain in my chest. 
I had to pull over... 
And then I called my husband, boss, and doctor. In that order.
Then I called my dad.

I had an EKG and it came back fine. My blood pressure was skyrocketed. I don't know if it was high from the cramping I had or from freaking out about it- probably a combination of both.
Long story short- they're sending off some blood to do a bunch of testing, I have severe anxiety still, and I'm taking the remainder of the day off to rest and re-evaluate some things. Doctor's orders. Promise.

In theory, it was going to be a very pink and green, southern prep, cute day.
And now, I'm in my Old Navy grey jersey pants, yellow ribbed tank, and turquoise sweatshirt. 
Here's to you, Old Navy, for providing the best lounge clothes, ever.

satin and chiffon blush top: H&M
green, yellow, and pink tweed skirt: Thrifted
nude wedge sandals: Target
necklace: Banana Republic, gifted by ML
bracelet: gifted by Rochelle

It's the thought that counts, anyway, right?
I'm not tweeting or reading blogs 'til later tonight or this weekend. I haven't watched the royal wedding, yet, and I don't want it to be spoiled! Hope you all understand.
Now, I'm crawling into my bed with some hot tea and my laptop.
It's writing time. 

Hope you all have a nice Friday and weekend!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Awkward & Awesome Thursday!

 tunic (skirt): Handmade & thrifted
jeans: Charlotte Russe
sandals: Target
belt: Target

- thinking I would be comfortable wearing a strapless top to work
- deciding to curl my hair in extreme heat, humidity, and wind
- putting my personal creative writing out there for all of you to read and being that vulnerable 
- the photo above that actually makes me look like I have to pee
- trying to make small talk to avoid silence and being completely shut down
- getting dressed in the morning and Little S. looking over while I'm half nakie, saying, "Momma! GET DRESSED! Nakie bum!"
*actually, that was adorable and kind of awesome*

- the fact that tomorrow is Friday AND I get to see my momma!
- I'm actually ALLOWED to wear strapless to work.
*even though I totally have a deep royal purple cardigan on, now*
- visiting sweet family this weekend
- coming to a huge realization last night (Separation)
- realizing that dreams might actually have a way of coming true

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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

We Love Colors Wednesday: Separation

I have one more outfit in the series of ways to style Scout Green tights. 
And a little poem {?} I sort of wrote while taking a shower this evening.
Get your mind outta the gutter.

denim jacket: American Eagle
cream top: Charlotte Russe
floral skirt: Charlotte Russe
scarf: Old Navy
tights: c/o We Love Colors
wedges: Ross


Popular lyrics tell me it's a wonderland.
Mantra says it's my temple.
Coach made it run and jump, lift and yell, and run some more.
Words came out to a sweet tune and I was told it had huge pipes.
I hated it and loved it. Loved it and hated it more.
I hate it, again.
And then I'm thankful for it.
I stuff it full and then it's in pain.
It sits and lays but not much else.
It hugs and kisses and cooks delicious meals.
Husband says it's amazing. Beautiful. Tempting.
Fashionistas say it comes in all shapes and sizes.
Nothing fits.
Miracles show that it is miraculous.
Life was created and grown and birthed from it.
And I still don't understand why I separate myself
from my Body.

Giveaway Reminders!

Good morning, friends! We Love Colors Wednesday is still happening, but my post will be later, this evening. Stay tuned for a color EXPLOSION! Excited, yet?

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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

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How Much is Too Much?

If you know me, you know the answer to the title question is that when it comes to color, I don't really think there is a "too much" zone. Okay, I guess I don't want to look like the product of rainbow vomit, but really, I like to mix it up. Kind of a lot. So, I featured these tights last week, on We Love Colors Wednesday, and then, I did a Ways to Wear Guest Post for Rochelle on Friday. This was one of the outfits I posted and I got quite a few compliments on it, via email. I decided to go ahead and give it a go. What do you all think? Too much for the work place? Remember that I don't have a strict dress code. And remember people have come to expect even more quirk from me than this little ol' outfit.

Really, when it comes to color, how much do you think is too much?

fuchsia blouse: Walmart, thrifted, from Rochelle!
grey dress shorts: New York & Company (tags still in.. can't decide)
scout green tights: c/o We Love Colors
shoes: Nine West, handed down from Whitney
necklace: The Body Shop
belt: New York & Company

p.s.- What do you think about the bangs to the side?

p.p.s.- Husband, I love you for making my legs look thin and my whole self look much, much taller than 4'11". Note to readers: These photos are total eye tricks. I have cottage cheese thighs. Even in tights.
Husband + Camera = visual miracles.

I hope everyone had a really nice Easter (and if you don't celebrate, I hope you had a great weekend)! We really enjoyed the time off of work and away from North Carolina. Friday, Husband worked on the car all day and Little S. and I rode around, looking at the tornado damage. It was devastating, but kind of awesome to see how neighbors were all rallying together to clean up the debris and make repairs. I cried. A lot. And then I prayed, thanking God that Husband's parents (a mere mile from where the tornado took down trees, houses and power lines) were safe and unscathed. Saturday, we took Little S. to the in-laws' church for an egg hunt. Because we weren't members, the munchkin didn't seem to get the same treatment as the rest of the kiddos. For instance, parents weren't allowed in the egg patch, so the church volunteers were leading the 1-4 year olds around to find eggs. No one knew S, so she was left in the dust. I hopped in to point some things out to her and was promptly yelled at. Don't worry, though. She found 14 goodies AND won a prize basket. Take that. Easter Sunday was the most fun. We woke up to amazing baskets from the Easter Bunny. Little S. got a beautiful wooden doll cradle, crafted by the Amish. She also got coloring books, reading books, the movie "Tangled," some adorable Spring outfits, and way too much candy. Husband and I shared a basket, mostly comprised of goodies from Harry & David (sesame garlic tortilla chips, pineapple salsa, moose munch, and Cold Stone flavored Jelly Bellies)! We each got a gift card, as well. Mine is to Kohl's, so I'm hoping to snag one of Lauren Conrad's new floral dresses before I make a surprise visit this weekend. After getting ready on Sunday, we headed to the Virginia zoo, where S was amazed by every single animal. She also only had ONE (count that, again) wet diaper ALL DAY. I was so proud. 

I was a good Momma and put sunscreen on Little S' sweet skin 4 times while at the zoo. I only put it on myself once. 
Sun: 1
Kimberly: 0
It's on.

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Monday, April 25, 2011

Mansome Monday: The Big Picture

What is up my lady friends and fella followers? How great have Mondays become since I am now a regular part of your day? If only every day could be Monday and I could in your life all the time!? You would not get ANYTHING done – for three reasons - #1. You would be getting fantastic fashion tips #2. You would be staring at me constantly (one of the reasons wherever I go I have a no mirror policy. In fact groups of people travel to the cities and countries BEFORE I do just to make sure the place is mirror-free.) #3. It is hard to get anything done when you think about making-out with some all the time; we all have been here before haven’t we? But, alas, you will have to live with cleaning the lip-smudges off your computer screen.

Recently I was in the land of Texas and it is so nice to see that some, not all, are getting their weekly dose of Mansome tips. I was startled to see the number of people wearing socks with sandals (or sandal-like footgear). It also seemed some were trying to bring back Tevas. You remember Tevas, all of those straps and Velcro. You remember how you wanted a pair so bad to be like the other kids but your mom bought you knock-offs and when you realized it you filed for Parental-Divorce because you are Fashion Poppa and wearing knock-offs goes against your moral code and the Parental-Child contract you signed... yeah, Tevas … But even seriously socks? Socks with sandals?! This, ladies and gentlemen, I am making a slapable offense. If you see someone, doesn’t matter who, wearing sandals with socks you have your Poppa’s permission to slap them! And if you look down and you are wearing sandals (of ANY kind or variety) with socks then you need to slap yourself and read EVERY post written by myself, Fashion Momma, and ALL of the wonderful Fashionistas that follow me on Twitter! (There could be other good Fashion blogs out there but the important ones are the ones that follow me and that I follow back!)

Now that you are done kissing the computer screen depicting my earlier pictures and slapping yourself, lets get to my outfit!

Almost a bit like a candy-striper, my red and white shirt is sponsored by (yup, I am sponsored now) Jos A Banks. (Can you imagine me, Fashion Poppa, a Candy-stripper? #1. Hospitals have never seen so many people getting injured just for a chance to have Mansome enter their life. And the Fashion Poppa Candy-Stripe affect would be polarizing, either people would magically be healed once I entered their room or people would perish because I entered their room my Masomeness would be too much. I am also sure there is a large majority hoping I would be of the naughty nurse variety!)

And because it is warm today I am sporting the micro-fiber pants with my Topsiders. But let’s not dwell on the individual pieces of the outfit. Take a step back from the screen and observe all that is your Fashion Poppa …. How Mansome does he look today?!?!

 Hey, Fashion Momma, here. Mister Mansome accompanied me outside, behind the building where we work, for some better than my office photo ops, today. I decided to just snap away while he was judging student attire and discussing the love-hate relationship he has with the inventor of booty shorts (he said "short shorts," to be fair, but I know what he meant). btw... can anyone explain the trend that includes shorts or skirts so short that pockets hang out from the bottom? nothing about that is cute. Anyway, of course, Mansome decided to make fun of me (again) with his tree-holding pose (below). He said I tend to lean my back arm on something. Um... slimming, yes? Anyway, I thought it was a really fun idea to put together these little collages to tell a little story. Above, you'll see Mansome doing a very GQ-esque pose (left), pretending like he has not a care in the world. Then, he looks back at himself and says, "You look like an idiot. Cut that out." Below, Mansome makes fun of me by posing with his back hand on the try. Then, he realizes his mistake and says, "What was I thinking? Fashion Momma is amazing... I should pose like her more often!"

And that's today's story, folks.
Outfit Name: The Big Picture - the total package, not kinda a big deal but the only deal! How great is Mansome today?

Thanks again for all of the follows! Keep your comments and questions coming! Continue reading Fashion Momma’s blog and following us on twitter, FashionMomma22 and JWFaulkner! Have a good weekend and see you Monday BOOM!

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... and Jason

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Festive Easter Egg!

I certainly did not intend to have my tangerine cardigan photographed against my apple wall, but it just happened that way. So, today, I'm serving up dyed eggs! I actually wore this to work on Tuesday and was so displeased with my outfit the entire day. First, I didn't wash this cardigan after I wore it last, so it was stretched out (exhibit A: right arm cuff). Second, I was walking all over my pants in these sandals, which was increasing the jean hikage that was occurring due to the low rise nature of the waistline. Third, and most important, I bought this top for $4.99 from Charlotte Russe on Saturday. I've been looking for longer length tees to wear with jeans and jackets/cardis, so this one was lacey AND black, which is a total win for a basic tee. I went to play with the lace ruffles, today, and BAM!
These suckers are SCREEN PRINTED.
Yeah, I was surprised and upset, too.

tee shirt: Charlotte Russe
cardigan: Motherhood, (I dyed it from white to tangerine.)
jeans: Charlotte Russe
sandals: Cabrizi, via Shoe Department
necklace: c/o Doe Run Jewelry

Husband really likes taking sideways photos. They're extra hard to crop, so I don't know if I'm going to continue being an advocate for 100% freedom of photography. He is the artist, though. Perhaps I should just sit back and enjoy the footless ride. Hmm?

Friends, thank you.
Just thanks. You're all so awesome. From telling me how to save time and style my bangs to helping me talk myself out of being sad that I'm growing up and low rise jeans just don't work on my post-baby, grown-up body; from talking me through washing my make-up brushes to consoling me about not being able to stay home and raise my kiddo... You just amaze me. You stick with me. And I'm 

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Intense Adoration 4.23.11

This week, I've intensely adored (the heck out of) the following things:

 bareMinerals Rose Radiance Blush


Delectable Mid-day Chocolate


Colgate Wisps 
(to battle the mid-day chocolate)



When the Clock Strikes 5:00
This is the only time of day that gets me through the morning and afternoon.


Have a wonderful Saturday, everyone!
And for those of you who celebrate, Happy Easter!

Friday, April 22, 2011

And Today, You'll Find Me...

... standing in for my dear friend, Rochelle, as she moves from the US to Japan.
If you'd like to read more about the three ways I styled my We Love Colors Scout Green tights, 
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