Monday, April 25, 2011

Mansome Monday: The Big Picture

What is up my lady friends and fella followers? How great have Mondays become since I am now a regular part of your day? If only every day could be Monday and I could in your life all the time!? You would not get ANYTHING done – for three reasons - #1. You would be getting fantastic fashion tips #2. You would be staring at me constantly (one of the reasons wherever I go I have a no mirror policy. In fact groups of people travel to the cities and countries BEFORE I do just to make sure the place is mirror-free.) #3. It is hard to get anything done when you think about making-out with some all the time; we all have been here before haven’t we? But, alas, you will have to live with cleaning the lip-smudges off your computer screen.

Recently I was in the land of Texas and it is so nice to see that some, not all, are getting their weekly dose of Mansome tips. I was startled to see the number of people wearing socks with sandals (or sandal-like footgear). It also seemed some were trying to bring back Tevas. You remember Tevas, all of those straps and Velcro. You remember how you wanted a pair so bad to be like the other kids but your mom bought you knock-offs and when you realized it you filed for Parental-Divorce because you are Fashion Poppa and wearing knock-offs goes against your moral code and the Parental-Child contract you signed... yeah, Tevas … But even seriously socks? Socks with sandals?! This, ladies and gentlemen, I am making a slapable offense. If you see someone, doesn’t matter who, wearing sandals with socks you have your Poppa’s permission to slap them! And if you look down and you are wearing sandals (of ANY kind or variety) with socks then you need to slap yourself and read EVERY post written by myself, Fashion Momma, and ALL of the wonderful Fashionistas that follow me on Twitter! (There could be other good Fashion blogs out there but the important ones are the ones that follow me and that I follow back!)

Now that you are done kissing the computer screen depicting my earlier pictures and slapping yourself, lets get to my outfit!

Almost a bit like a candy-striper, my red and white shirt is sponsored by (yup, I am sponsored now) Jos A Banks. (Can you imagine me, Fashion Poppa, a Candy-stripper? #1. Hospitals have never seen so many people getting injured just for a chance to have Mansome enter their life. And the Fashion Poppa Candy-Stripe affect would be polarizing, either people would magically be healed once I entered their room or people would perish because I entered their room my Masomeness would be too much. I am also sure there is a large majority hoping I would be of the naughty nurse variety!)

And because it is warm today I am sporting the micro-fiber pants with my Topsiders. But let’s not dwell on the individual pieces of the outfit. Take a step back from the screen and observe all that is your Fashion Poppa …. How Mansome does he look today?!?!

 Hey, Fashion Momma, here. Mister Mansome accompanied me outside, behind the building where we work, for some better than my office photo ops, today. I decided to just snap away while he was judging student attire and discussing the love-hate relationship he has with the inventor of booty shorts (he said "short shorts," to be fair, but I know what he meant). btw... can anyone explain the trend that includes shorts or skirts so short that pockets hang out from the bottom? nothing about that is cute. Anyway, of course, Mansome decided to make fun of me (again) with his tree-holding pose (below). He said I tend to lean my back arm on something. Um... slimming, yes? Anyway, I thought it was a really fun idea to put together these little collages to tell a little story. Above, you'll see Mansome doing a very GQ-esque pose (left), pretending like he has not a care in the world. Then, he looks back at himself and says, "You look like an idiot. Cut that out." Below, Mansome makes fun of me by posing with his back hand on the try. Then, he realizes his mistake and says, "What was I thinking? Fashion Momma is amazing... I should pose like her more often!"

And that's today's story, folks.
Outfit Name: The Big Picture - the total package, not kinda a big deal but the only deal! How great is Mansome today?

Thanks again for all of the follows! Keep your comments and questions coming! Continue reading Fashion Momma’s blog and following us on twitter, FashionMomma22 and JWFaulkner! Have a good weekend and see you Monday BOOM!

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