Saturday, March 31, 2012

Baby Bean Update: 26 Weeks

top: Old Navy Maternity, cami: Rue 21, jeans: Motherood (yes, I might wear them every day), flats: Old Navy

When is your due date?
For all intensive purposes, June 29.
What week are you in?
26... let's speed this up a bit, k?
How many pounds have you gained so far?
Have you had an ultrasound?
Yes! Three!
Do you know the gender of your baby?
Girly, girly girl!
Do you have a name picked out?
Yes. :)
Is the child being named after someone?
The middle name is after my maternal grandmother and the first name is something we picked out before knowing that it's my husband's great-grandmother's name!
Who is going to be with you during delivery?
Natural or medicated childbirth?
Scheduled c-section after complications with my last labor, which ended up in a c-section.
How are you feeling right about now? 
I'm having back pain with lots of trouble sleeping.
What was the first thing you bought for baby?
We let our daughter pick out the homecoming outfit after we found out the gender.
Do you feel you are ready to have a baby?
For the most part, yes. I'm nervous about being a mother of two and we don't have the nursery done, so that's nerve wracking. But other than that, yes.
Are you excited or scared about delivery?
I'm excited for baby to get here, but scared about surgery. I hate surgery and post-surgery.
Any food cravings?
I think I just crave carbs. At least they're mostly the healthy/ier kind (pineapple, watermelon, peaches, etc)
Anything you loved before that you absolutely cannot eat anymore?
Spicy food! I still like to eat it, but it makes me nauseated and sick to my stomach for at least 24 hours!
Anything else you'd like to share or vent about?
I was kind of sad to hear that second-timers don't usually get showers or anything like that. It's okay because we have everything big like furniture, stroller, car seat, most toys, etc. But our kids are being born in opposite seasons (January and June), so we don't have any appropriate clothes past 0-3 months. We need bedding and it's hard to take all of it on ourselves when we're already taking care of a little one. That's a vent, right? And I just miss my friends and family in a less busy season of life when we could all all talk and I could update them on what was going on and what fruit baby is the size of each week!

Stay tuned to hear about my hair catastrophe tomorrow. :)

Thursday, March 29, 2012

I Never Thought I'd Wear Capris

Yet, this is the second time during my pregnancy I've done it. They're actually regular jeans that I cuffed because it's mediocrely hot outside and I've just got some errands to run. Overall, I hate capris. I think they do nothing for the body or legs. These are a bit longer, anyway. Just not a great choice for my height... But let's face it, at almost 26 weeks pregnant, comfort without looking super lazy is really all I can push for each day.

top: Old Navy, tank: Old Navy Maternity, jeans: Motherhood, sandals: Fergie

We use an old blanket on our patio when we put our daughter's little pool outside so it doesn't get scratched. Over the past day or two, the strong winds had blown it into the yard, right where I was about to take my pictures. I picked it up and shook it off... and a wolf spider jumped on my chest! I felt like it was two tons of bricks. I couldn't breathe and started to hyperventilate! I couldn't get it off, so I just screamed. S came to the sliding glass door and yelled, "What's wrong Mommy?!" I said, "SPIDER!!!" And she ran back inside. Helpful little munchkin! I finally got the strength to flick him off into the grass, but it almost felt closer to a near death experience than the car accident we were in last week.

Oh, hey, Bean!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sponsor in April!

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My House, the Imaginarium

If there's anything Little S is good at doing, it's pretending. I am SO glad she's gained this immeasurably important ability over the last year. Among ones like Dr. S, Mommy to many, many dolls, Pirate S, Princess S (this one doesn't need a particular costume- just herself), she also has quite the dress-up box. Last week, she was in love with her pink, fluffy princess wand and used it with every costume she put on. Snow White and Princess Cheerleader were only two of the 5-6 people S became, but these are some of the most fun pictures. Such a little sass!

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Monday, March 26, 2012

Bean's Nursery

After much discussion and creative juice loss, Husband and I have finally decided on a theme for Bean's nursery! Because we have existing dark cherry furniture and are getting a dark brown glider/ottoman (ottoman not pictured below), we decided to accent lightly with brown. The gold and light yellow was a complete stray away from our original hot pink idea, but this is much, much calmer and more soothing. I'm so excited to get working! More Work it Wednesdays will be headed your way come the end of April, once we're ready to start getting down and dirty!

Clockwise from top left:

Newco Serenity Classic Glider

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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Baby Bean Update: 25 Weeks

Well, Bean and I had a very eventful end of our week, to say the least. We (and Little S) were in our first car accident yesterday. It was all my fault, as I was turned around at a red light, trying to calm S down, reassuring her that she was, indeed, not going to starve to death. And while I was facing backward, my foot slipped off the break and onto the gas, when I rear-ended the woman in front of us. Thankfully, she was the first person in line at the light and I didn't create a domino collision. And more thankfully, everyone is okay. My car is scratched and has some cracked chrome as well as some minor damage to the metal work under the hood. But my Nissan Murano did some hefty work to her little Toyota Camry and she can no longer close her trunk. We filed with insurance, called the police, I got cited... It was a sha-bang. It wasn't until about halfway through the police report that I realized my belly was feeling very bruised on the left side. I touched it and it was very tender where I hit the steering wheel. You might think my seat belt should have stopped me from hitting the steering wheel, but my belly is already right on top of the wheel because of my height. Not thinking much of it, I went on with my day until I remembered, "Oh! I'm six months pregnant... I should probably get the baby checked out." I was really emotional the whole afternoon, feeling very guilty for causing the accident and thankful that S was perfectly unharmed. But I had been focusing so much on the visible that I sort of forgot the little body that's growing inside of me.

Needless to say, a trip to Urgent Care ended up as a trip to the ER, which ended up as a trip to Labor and Delivery. Scary? Mega. And I was by myself because I didn't want Husband to bring S to the hospital until I knew everything was okay. They hooked me up to the fetal monitor right away and Bean sounded awesome. She was moving and her heart rate was perfect in the 150s. Soon after, I was sent for an ultrasound to make sure all the fluids were okay and the placenta was still attached. Luckily, the ONLY injury sustained was the bruise across my belly. Just to err on the side of safety, my OB called in orders for me to stay overnight and be monitored. I was bummed because I was alone and freezing cold, knowing I wouldn't sleep a wink because of people coming in to adjust monitors and take my vitals. But it was nice to be released early this morning with no more than directions to take it easy.

top: Oh Baby, cardigan: Eddie Bauer, jeans: Old Navy Maternity, shoes: c/o Maurices

In other ultrasound news, Bean is 110% a girl, just in case anyone (or I) was having second guesses from finding out so early. She is measuring right on track for my due date and is moving like a little fish. She was sucking her thumb, kicking all around, and she's breech. It doesn't really matter because I'm having a c-section. Hopefully she'll take her next few imperative weeks to move, though, because the low kicks are sort of painful. Her thighs already look a little chunky. So cute. She was measuring about 1 lb. 11 oz. and I'm so in love with her, it's not even funny!

Here's a photo of me at 25 weeks with Little S. My, my, how things have changed!

To everyone who wished Bean and I the best while we were at the hospital, thank you so much. It's wonderful to know we have such an amazing support system! 

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Friday, March 23, 2012

Purple Princess

Little S loves getting dressed up for church and this is what she wore last Sunday. I always feel so blessed to have a child as interested in style as me. But I feel even more blessed to have a child who doesn't take herself too seriously. 

dress & cardigan: Children's Place, sandals: Kohl's, bow: Local Artist

Always hamming it up and dancing around... I hope she never changes!

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Thursday, March 22, 2012

If I Were a Rich Girl

Recently, I found out that my best friend is throwing her boyfriend's birthday party at the Charlestown Race Track. Complete with slots and game tables, the races will be accompanied by hours of imbibing and time to play casino! I'm so bummed that 1) I can't make it and 2) If I could, I probably wouldn't go since I'm 6 months pregnant and wouldn't want to be around the smoke AND couldn't wear some sassy outfit! 

I've been so in love with bold colors for Spring and although I've always worn silver jewelry, there's nothing like breaking out gold pieces when wearing jewel tones like this gorgeous emerald sequin number. Add some zebra heels, a leather jacket for the cooler evening hours, and a pop of extra bright with a yellow bag and I think I'd have it made. If only wearing lucky green and gold would bring more green to my hands... 

images via polyvore

Whitney, maybe you can pull this outfit together and wear it for your boy's party. Then I won't have to think my creative juices and total desire to wear YOUR favorite color went to waste!

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

She Matched Her Hair to Her Sweater

I dyed my hair. From a box. Christina is going to kill me.
And of course, because I used neutral beige instead of ash, it turned reddish. My hair *always* turns red if I don't use ash blonde. Also, my hair *always* turns red when I do illegal things like dye it from a box. I'm a firm believer in hair color, but I also know that blondes should never use box dye because... well, just because. I also should have thought my outfit through a bit more before hopping to church on Sunday. Perhaps my first day in public with my newly strawberry blonded locks should have included clothing that wasn't the same shade as my hair color. Oops!

 top: Motherhood, tank: Kohl's, pants: Motherhood, sweater: Agar, shoes: Ross, necklace: Gift from Husband

Here's hoping that my bright, bright hair will calm with a few washes.
And heck, if it doesn't, here's to not pulling out the mustard hues again for a while!

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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

My Daughter, the Supermodel

All photos c/o Jackie Ranson.
Thank you, best friend.

 top & skirt: Old Navy

How did I get so lucky?

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Monday, March 19, 2012

Scarlet Samples Giveaway!

I was contacted by Scarlet Samples just a few short weeks ago and introduced to a wonderful online jewelry boutique with insane prices. With choices ranging from gold and silver to pearls and gemstones, there are plenty of choices for everyone's taste. When asked if I wanted to review a piece of jewelry and give the same one away to one of you, I tried to keep my readers in mind. I wanted to choose something classic and understated, but something that also made a bold statement. 

Once again, I was lucky enough to have Jackie photograph me for this post. And she lives on the river, so I couldn't stay out of the water! Can you just imagine going on an early evening picnic with your man and playing in the river? I chose to pair my big ol' pearl earrings with this simple and comfortable cotton maxi dress. I think that if you have the right pair of pair earrings, you can quite literally wear anything. These would have looked beautiful with jeans and a cute top or a slinky cocktail dress.

dress: Gift from Jackie, earrings: c/o Scarlet Samples

Scarlet Samples has generously agreed to give away the same pair of earrings I'm wearing in this post to one of my sweet readers! They are the Sterling Silver Post Earrings with White Pearl, are extremely lightweight, but large, so they pack a punch!

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