Thursday, March 29, 2012

I Never Thought I'd Wear Capris

Yet, this is the second time during my pregnancy I've done it. They're actually regular jeans that I cuffed because it's mediocrely hot outside and I've just got some errands to run. Overall, I hate capris. I think they do nothing for the body or legs. These are a bit longer, anyway. Just not a great choice for my height... But let's face it, at almost 26 weeks pregnant, comfort without looking super lazy is really all I can push for each day.

top: Old Navy, tank: Old Navy Maternity, jeans: Motherhood, sandals: Fergie

We use an old blanket on our patio when we put our daughter's little pool outside so it doesn't get scratched. Over the past day or two, the strong winds had blown it into the yard, right where I was about to take my pictures. I picked it up and shook it off... and a wolf spider jumped on my chest! I felt like it was two tons of bricks. I couldn't breathe and started to hyperventilate! I couldn't get it off, so I just screamed. S came to the sliding glass door and yelled, "What's wrong Mommy?!" I said, "SPIDER!!!" And she ran back inside. Helpful little munchkin! I finally got the strength to flick him off into the grass, but it almost felt closer to a near death experience than the car accident we were in last week.

Oh, hey, Bean!

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