Wednesday, March 21, 2012

She Matched Her Hair to Her Sweater

I dyed my hair. From a box. Christina is going to kill me.
And of course, because I used neutral beige instead of ash, it turned reddish. My hair *always* turns red if I don't use ash blonde. Also, my hair *always* turns red when I do illegal things like dye it from a box. I'm a firm believer in hair color, but I also know that blondes should never use box dye because... well, just because. I also should have thought my outfit through a bit more before hopping to church on Sunday. Perhaps my first day in public with my newly strawberry blonded locks should have included clothing that wasn't the same shade as my hair color. Oops!

 top: Motherhood, tank: Kohl's, pants: Motherhood, sweater: Agar, shoes: Ross, necklace: Gift from Husband

Here's hoping that my bright, bright hair will calm with a few washes.
And heck, if it doesn't, here's to not pulling out the mustard hues again for a while!

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