Thursday, March 22, 2012

If I Were a Rich Girl

Recently, I found out that my best friend is throwing her boyfriend's birthday party at the Charlestown Race Track. Complete with slots and game tables, the races will be accompanied by hours of imbibing and time to play casino! I'm so bummed that 1) I can't make it and 2) If I could, I probably wouldn't go since I'm 6 months pregnant and wouldn't want to be around the smoke AND couldn't wear some sassy outfit! 

I've been so in love with bold colors for Spring and although I've always worn silver jewelry, there's nothing like breaking out gold pieces when wearing jewel tones like this gorgeous emerald sequin number. Add some zebra heels, a leather jacket for the cooler evening hours, and a pop of extra bright with a yellow bag and I think I'd have it made. If only wearing lucky green and gold would bring more green to my hands... 

images via polyvore

Whitney, maybe you can pull this outfit together and wear it for your boy's party. Then I won't have to think my creative juices and total desire to wear YOUR favorite color went to waste!

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