Sunday, April 24, 2011

Festive Easter Egg!

I certainly did not intend to have my tangerine cardigan photographed against my apple wall, but it just happened that way. So, today, I'm serving up dyed eggs! I actually wore this to work on Tuesday and was so displeased with my outfit the entire day. First, I didn't wash this cardigan after I wore it last, so it was stretched out (exhibit A: right arm cuff). Second, I was walking all over my pants in these sandals, which was increasing the jean hikage that was occurring due to the low rise nature of the waistline. Third, and most important, I bought this top for $4.99 from Charlotte Russe on Saturday. I've been looking for longer length tees to wear with jeans and jackets/cardis, so this one was lacey AND black, which is a total win for a basic tee. I went to play with the lace ruffles, today, and BAM!
These suckers are SCREEN PRINTED.
Yeah, I was surprised and upset, too.

tee shirt: Charlotte Russe
cardigan: Motherhood, (I dyed it from white to tangerine.)
jeans: Charlotte Russe
sandals: Cabrizi, via Shoe Department
necklace: c/o Doe Run Jewelry

Husband really likes taking sideways photos. They're extra hard to crop, so I don't know if I'm going to continue being an advocate for 100% freedom of photography. He is the artist, though. Perhaps I should just sit back and enjoy the footless ride. Hmm?

Friends, thank you.
Just thanks. You're all so awesome. From telling me how to save time and style my bangs to helping me talk myself out of being sad that I'm growing up and low rise jeans just don't work on my post-baby, grown-up body; from talking me through washing my make-up brushes to consoling me about not being able to stay home and raise my kiddo... You just amaze me. You stick with me. And I'm 

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