Thursday, April 28, 2011

Awkward & Awesome Thursday!

 tunic (skirt): Handmade & thrifted
jeans: Charlotte Russe
sandals: Target
belt: Target

- thinking I would be comfortable wearing a strapless top to work
- deciding to curl my hair in extreme heat, humidity, and wind
- putting my personal creative writing out there for all of you to read and being that vulnerable 
- the photo above that actually makes me look like I have to pee
- trying to make small talk to avoid silence and being completely shut down
- getting dressed in the morning and Little S. looking over while I'm half nakie, saying, "Momma! GET DRESSED! Nakie bum!"
*actually, that was adorable and kind of awesome*

- the fact that tomorrow is Friday AND I get to see my momma!
- I'm actually ALLOWED to wear strapless to work.
*even though I totally have a deep royal purple cardigan on, now*
- visiting sweet family this weekend
- coming to a huge realization last night (Separation)
- realizing that dreams might actually have a way of coming true

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