Friday, April 29, 2011

It's the Thought that Counts

I have to tell you the truth.
I'm not really wearing this.
But I was... I got dressed this morning, took Little S. to daycare, and then, on my way to work, something bad happened. I had some severe cramping that turned into a sharp pain in my chest. 
I had to pull over... 
And then I called my husband, boss, and doctor. In that order.
Then I called my dad.

I had an EKG and it came back fine. My blood pressure was skyrocketed. I don't know if it was high from the cramping I had or from freaking out about it- probably a combination of both.
Long story short- they're sending off some blood to do a bunch of testing, I have severe anxiety still, and I'm taking the remainder of the day off to rest and re-evaluate some things. Doctor's orders. Promise.

In theory, it was going to be a very pink and green, southern prep, cute day.
And now, I'm in my Old Navy grey jersey pants, yellow ribbed tank, and turquoise sweatshirt. 
Here's to you, Old Navy, for providing the best lounge clothes, ever.

satin and chiffon blush top: H&M
green, yellow, and pink tweed skirt: Thrifted
nude wedge sandals: Target
necklace: Banana Republic, gifted by ML
bracelet: gifted by Rochelle

It's the thought that counts, anyway, right?
I'm not tweeting or reading blogs 'til later tonight or this weekend. I haven't watched the royal wedding, yet, and I don't want it to be spoiled! Hope you all understand.
Now, I'm crawling into my bed with some hot tea and my laptop.
It's writing time. 

Hope you all have a nice Friday and weekend!

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