Saturday, August 20, 2011

Intense Adoration: Blooper Reel

I intensely adore bloopers. Don't you? Most of my awkwards are results of being flustered with Husband while he's being so sweet to take my picture. I look so evil! Bwahahaha. Or sometimes I look like I'm sniffing the air. Hmmm.

Oh goodness... this next one is NOT pretty.

Didn't think he was gonna snap from all the way down there, but oh, he did.

I guess this is my, "I have no idea what to do in the middle of our street" pose.
Someone needs to remind me that shrugging does nothing good for my neck/chin(s).

And even little miss perfect, herself, can't escape a good blooper every now and then!
Find anything good up there, Small Wonder?

Happy Saturday! Hope I could help you start your weekend off right!

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