Monday, August 22, 2011

Sunday Besties

Most of you know from reading my big announcement on Friday that my husband and I have embarked on a juice fast. Well, I felt so awesome Sunday morning that I just about skipped church. Headache, exhaustion, dizziness, weakness... Awesome. I'm glad to report that I'm feeling much better now! I think the second day was kind of a shock and then possibly BOOM. Day 3 - under control. I've got this. Right? Hope so.

In related news, I did end up getting my lazy bum out of bed and dressed for church (after slicing, dicing, peeling, and juicing). And I'm really glad that I didn't give up! Plus, I got to break out my brand new olive top from Old Navy!

top: Old Navy
cardigan: Target
jeans: New York & Company
shoes: Sbicca via Ross
necklace: New York & Company

If you have any questions about my juice fast, feel free to email me at alittlebitofthisblog(at)gmail(dot)com. I know there are concerns and opinions, which I'm willing to take in as well. I'd rather talk to everyone who has questions or comments about the fast via email so we can actually converse! I'm also making a daily vlog on what I did, victories, concerns, etc. You can find them on my YouTube channel. Comments and questions are very welcome there since it's all about the fast! If you'd like more information about the program I'm using, check out Reboot Your Life!

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