Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Jealous of My Legs?

My inseam is 21.5" and I wear a size 16.
Put those measurements together and guess how easy it is to find pants or TIGHTS that fit.
Mmmhmm. Ladies, if you're short, do you have issues with tights sagging at your ankles? You've probably noticed that on days I don hosiery, I also wear boots. That's so you can't see the miles of extra fabric that gather by my feet.
In short (pun in tended), my friends, you are probably not jealous of my legs.

Today, you should all be jealous of my legs. Because they are TEAL.
We Love Colors is the very first place in the entire universe (I know, because I've searched all over creation) that offers plus sized tights by height! Yes, you read that correctly. I know! How amazing, right?
Not only do these carribean colored beauties fit my waist (sans nasty double muffin top), but do you see puddles of fabric around my ankles? No? Me neither.
I have fallen in love.

ruffle cami: New York & Company
leopard cardigan: APT. 9 via Kohl's
pencil skirt: Old Navy
skinny belt: New York & Company
teal tights: c/o We Love Colors
heels: Mudd via Kohl's
necklace: The Body Shop
wavy hair: Done with my InStyler
dark roots: c/o I don't have money to get a touch-up

The nasty rain decided I wasn't allowed to take photos outside, today, so the trusty vacant office across from mine has proved to be a mediocre backdrop. Plus, when I tell you I work in a bat cave, I'm only a tiny bit joking, because there are 4 empty offices surrounding me. I'm literally all by myself, back here.
And that's great when I'm doing an impromptu morning photo sesh.

If you're like me and you have a body that's not standard size, OR if you adore tights and colors (51 of them!), you have got to check out We Love Colors. I'm asking for a shopping spree there for my birthday, which, by the way, is very soon.
Just in case you were wondering... it's on February 13.


  1. I LOVE this whole look! Ruffles, leopard, teal, not to mention the pencil skirt - you put it together perfectly!

  2. Holy teal girlie!!! LOVE you in these tights!! Sooo happy you found We Love Colors.....they rock, without a doubt:) and so do YOU in them!!!

    You go girl!!

    Stop by and say Hello:)
    Vote for me in the ELF Cosmetics Beauty of All Ages Model Search 2011♥

  3. I am soo jealous of you.. I'm really short and it's so difficult to find the right length of tights! And you can totally rock teal girl! x

  4. Aww, so glad you found some tights that are perfect for your body...don't ya just love that!! Great outfit today, love the colors!

  5. This is SOOOO nice, your tights are so wonderful oh ma gash. Definitely going to check out their website! Looking for white tights at the moment, cross my fingers!

  6. You look great. I love how your tight match you top. New York and Company is a great store and they always have great coupons.

  7. I admire you.
    the end.

    p.s. love the legs.

  8. super flattering sassy outfit. i particularly love the picture of you on the left of the first picture set. H O T.

  9. Oh. My. Holy. Hotness. This is my favorite outfit of yours. Ever. So far, anyway.

    I LOVE that skirt on you, it's super sexy, plus the teal is so flattering and that cardigan is fabulous!!!

    Seriously love this outfit. Love it. A LOT.

  10. I got some bright tights like that (in a couple different colors) from Target for Christmas but I don't even know where to START with wearing them!

  11. How I Met Your Father BlogJanuary 27, 2011 at 4:23 PM

    what gorgeous colors they have!! so glad you found the perfect tights!!

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