Friday, January 7, 2011

Mansome... First Day of School! The European!

HEEEELLLLLLOOOOO my fans! I have missed not writing to you all and I sincerely hope you had a nice Christmas / Holiday Season and a joyful New Years! I did receive many cards and well wishes from many of my adoring fans and I thank you! For the most part I received cards with pictures of various husbands, boyfriends, and other males … htting on me? Maybe... or ABSOLUTELY! People wanting Fashion Poppa’s approval? YES! I did receive some cards with pictures of families and kids (FYI, some kids really need to make an adjustment with what they are wearing. Toddler is no excuse for wearing some crappy one-piece.)

Before I get to my outfit I want to acknowledge an observation that I had. On Christmas I was sitting with my family (who I have determined is crazy. Think about it, why do we think our in-laws’s are nuts but we are not? I can say first hand that this is not true for me, my in-laws are nuts AND so is my family… but that’s another story) opening gifts and I began to notice that my father basically gets the same gifts EVERY year: New sneakers, shirts and pants for work (which were fashion poppa approved; although by next Christmas he will be retired, which makes me think Adidas, Nike, and Champion better tell their 12 year olds who run their sweat shops to start making new sweat suits now), golf balls, gift certificates to play a round of golf at some local courses, books, and Phillies apparel. This is the same over and over! Are your fathers’ similar? (In the next couple of posts I plan to add some more Christmas observations from my break … stay tuned (and you thought you could not have more anxiety for Mansome Mondays.))

{My Outfit}

Today’s outfit says, “Wow, is that guy European, because his outfit looks European, but he is in America so I guess he is not European. Either way he dresses like a sexy European…” Not that I have known to judge sexy European males from unsexy European males but I have been called one before (see what this outfit says above) and I imagine that anyone who is not wearing what I wear would not be sexy – see it all works out!!! BOOM

I am wearing Express pants (I have worn these before) but the more I wear them the more I realize how great they look on me. I know several students who walked into my class “accidently” today just to get a look and find out where they can get a pair, Express! Jesus, just let me teach!

My zip down sweater is by Black Brown and is 100% Cashmere, you read that right, cashmere! Fashion Poppa only buys and wears the best! I know many of you are like Nina, from Seinfeld when you get cashmere but your Fashion Poppa ALWAYS wears the best! (It’s part of the Mansome code…)

My tie is made by Claiborne which really ties (get it?!) the black shirt and grey pants together! Some might be questioning the Jose A Bank red shirt (and if you are questioning your Fashion Poppa its blasphemy and you need to repent) but listen when you are setting the trends for what is sexy not only in America but ALSO Europe, you need to make sure your outfit has PASSION! Which is what this shirt brings! Think about it, all black and grey says, “Who died” Add some red and people are yelling, “Let’s Cha-cha!” BOOM!

Outfit Name: The European
The Puritans and Pilgrims left a long time ago; lets get freaky!

Have a great weekend! And make sure to check Fashion Momma’s blog (which should be updated regularly now that she is back working from winter break … finally). Also follow us on twitter Fashionmomma22 and JWFaulkner.


  1. LOL! Fashion Poppa is HILARIOUS...keep it coming! BOOM!

  2. How adorable is this????!!! Kori xoxo

  3. Seriously an awesome outfit. I should definitely send boyfriend over for some tips. Not that he's not handsome, we just need a little boost in the professional style department. A well layered sweater outfit steals my heart every time. Very sharp!

  4. "Toddler is no excuse for wearing some crappy one piece" - best line EVER!! lol

    Loving the European look - tres chic!


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