Monday, January 10, 2011

Mansome Monday: The "A" Lister

HEEERRRREEEEESSSS MANSOME! I know I must have thrown you all into a hysterical tizzy on Friday with my post. For many, Mansome Monday is something that you have to prepare yourself for, the hysterical writing, the hotness of the man himself, the outfit, the hotness of the man, and the tips and pointers for you and your man. But I am back to my regular day it feels good to be regular; I learned that from Jamie Lee Curtis and Activia!

I mentioned last time about sharing some observations I had during my Christmas break. One such observation was actually a fashion observation and it involves something I absolutely cannot stand and that is skinny jeans. I have no clue how or why these should even be considered a fashion trend. I mean who thought of this? Many cannot / should not wear stretch pants and now they are trying to do the same with denim?!?! (Disclaimer: I can almost, almost, understand the female obsession with this latest crappy trend. But the guys who wear skinny jeans, really?!? Ladies if your man comes home with a pair leave immediately! And if he does mangage to sell you the idea of walking down the street the only acceptable reason is he is forming a new band called “Zack Attack” which will perform covers of Zack Morris’ band from Save By the Bell, mainly “Friends Forever” and the jeans are a necessary part of the gig. PS These are not and will not EVER be Mansome approved) But I digress, as I was walking around the King of Prussia mall I could not help but stare at the males who though skinny jeans were a good idea. (Yes, the staring did make for an awkward moment but once eye contact was made but I really felt that I was the one who should feel more awkward because of what I was forced to look at.) Besides jeans were the fashion of the old west and I really cannot see John Wayne saying to his posse, “Those wide leg comfortable jeans are just not “in” anymore, these skinny jeans are awesome! Let’s go get some bad guys” So, as your Poppa of Fashion, I believe it is my duty to protect you from possible harmful situations and, regardless of size or body type, trying to squeeze yourself into skinny jeans qualifies as a harmful situation. And with an understanding that some of you will disagree, as your Poppa, I cannot stress enough, do not wear skinny jeans!!!

Speaking of jeans …. My outfit today is made for my various red carpet occasions. It says up top I am formal but below the waist its casual, no commitments, just fun. Starting from the bottom I am wearing my black Sketchers and Hollister Jeans. You will notice these jeans are starting to become damaged. For you new readers, I do not understand why you were not reading Fashion Momma’s blog from its first posting, I NEVER buy damaged jeans because being as Mansome as I am, my masculinity and ruggedness will create the same effect; even sexier looking pants! I am wearing a red Express shirt and a Pronto Uomo blazer. I am wearing the shirt un-tucked because when you are this hot you do not want to restrict heat!

Outfit name:  The “A” Lister! On the Red Carpet and sexy enough to be photographed by the paparazzi but regardless of photo, uncompromising or not, I am denying the story!

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  1. Totally agree! No man should wear anything that tight!!


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