Thursday, February 17, 2011

All I See Are Changes

A little bit different, today. Yes? 
This morning, I had to go to the dentist, UH-GAIN, for this stupid tooth. I swear... and NOW, they're blaming me, because "It seems as though you're a clencher or grinder." Really? Did it really just take 6 months to figure that out? Okay, anyway... hopefully *crossing fingers* we've found a remedy. If not, there are other roads to take before extraction, but I'm praying that won't have to be the case at all. I think I'm going to get a night guard so I don't grind, if that is, in fact, the problem at hand.

My husband came with me to the dentist, because I was afraid I'd get the same, "Nothing's wrong with you. Why are you here, again?" run around. I didn't. Good thing, too. Husband is tough. And by tough, I mean he'd kill 'em with a giant smile and big, sparkly blue eyes. He brought me to work, after the appointment, and we spotted the library on the way. He decided it would be a pretty photo location, and I obliged, obviously. He's the artful eye in the family! I couldn't be happier with how these turned out. I felt very JoAnn, while posing for these photos. She's the queen of locations and definitely takes the cake on stair cases!

floral dress: Filene's Basement (Boston)
plum cardigan: Eddie Bauer Outlet
scout green tights: c/o We Love Colors
black booties: Payless
skinny black belt: New York & Company

My hair style is inspired by Kelley of The Eclectic Owl!
Holy pickles, people! If you don't read her blog, get over there, now. Kelley is SO stinkin' cute, I can hardly stand it. And her "I'm lazy and don't want to blowdry my hair all the way" hair is flipping amazing. I tried. Probably didn't do it much justice, but I tried.
Thanks for being my personal version of perfect, Kelley!

 I really hate to leave, but The Bossman is playing Nickel Creek, and it's getting me in the mood to work really hard and make sure my kiddos graduate! I want to genuinely thank all of you amazing people who continue to inspire me. I've made changes, taken chances, and tried new things BECAUSE OF YOU.

In attempt to catch up, I'll do three things, today.

Day 21: Something you know you do differently than most people-
When I'm stressed out and frustrated, I don't want to cry. I don't want to be alone. I don't want to eat ice cream. I don't want to take a walk. I want to EXCESSIVELY CLEAN.

Day 22: A website-
Any website? Or my favorite website? Google Reader is my most visited, Gmail is my second most visited, Facebook ranks high up there, too. Hrm... OH, a favorite. Yes.

Day 23: A way in which you want to be remembered-
I want to be remembered as a loving, compassionate, giving wife, daughter, mother and friend.


  1. I love your dress, and bright tights together. Hopefully they get your tooth problem figured out asap.
    My Heart Blogged

  2. You look lovely and cheerful. Love your hair.

  3. Your husband was right - what a great location! These pictures are beautiful and your dress is gorgeous!

  4. that dress is super cute on you!

  5. You look so fantastic, KP! I love that color palette on you and those tights are so pretty.

    Thank you for your very sweet words about me. You've made my weekend!

  6. Great answers! I really like and appreciate your words on self-consciousness.

  7. CUTE!!! You have a new follower! Your blog is wonderful!
    Here is mine Please follow

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