Monday, February 28, 2011

In a Broken Down Field

Have you ever had one of those days when you have so much to say that you're practically bursting at the seams, and then instead of spewing it all out, you vow silence, instead? I'm walking the fine line between those two extremes, today, and at this point, I still don't know which way I'm going to fall. 

What I will say, however, is that I received my girl scout cookies this morning and the Girl Scouts of America decided to change my FAVORITE cookie's name from "Samoas" to "Caramel deLights." My heart hurts. I'm frustrated with mind-changing after such a good run!
Well, looky there... I said everything I needed to say about the cookies and otherwise.

We had a nice weekend. Plans got changed, but it ended up working out pretty nicely! Husband and I took Little S. to the park on Friday evening and she was VERY upset to leave after what we parentals viewed as a "near death experience." Envision it: One adorable todder, running freely toward the swing sets. Two 10-ish year-old girls swinging high into the sky, pumping their legs like nobody's business. Toddler's head being approximately 2 inches from getting knocked out. Fother mucker, my heart... MY.HEART. Husband's heart. And the girl's mom? She acted like we were horrendous parents for not catching Little S. before she could have gotten to the swing set. Really, woman? Really? Your bum is over there, knitting, on a wooden bench, and we're running and screaming toward the swings. What is wrong with this picture?
Welp, Husband found an awesome location, again. What can I say?
I'm blessed with a talented man.

navy cotton dress: Old Navy (gifted by Rochelle)
grey ruffle trim cardi: New York & Company
cork wedge sandals: SBICCA of California, via Ross
hand-painted Hatteras Lighthouse necklace: Tuckoo & Moo Cow

I'm looking at the beautiful wild daffodils, blooming out of such a broken down place.
It's truly a capture of how beauty can rise from the ashes.

Friends, I am SO excited to tell you that the lovely and talented Isabel of Walk of Fashion has featured me as her Girl of the Blogosphere, today!!! Thank you so much, girl! I am ecstatic. Know why? This exact feature is what introduced me to your blog in the first place, and caught me as a follower! It's kind of surreal to be interviewed for something that attracted me to your blog in the first place! Big, huge thank you!

Don't forget to enter my giveway
I think it's pretty darn exciting!

Giveaway ends Friday, March 4!


  1. Oh my that sounds really scary! Love the location hun, and you look gorgeous, especially in the last picture :) x

  2. Girl, I feel the same! So I'll just talk about how I'm mad that they changed
    the girl scout cookies on me, instead. :)
    I was TERRIFIED, watching my daughter almost get knocked out. Praise JESUS
    it didn't happen!
    Thanks for the congrats! Isabel is so sweet to have thought of me!

  3. Kim - it must be regional.... they were still called Samoas in New York!

  4. I heart those cork wedges... sigh. I wish it was warm enough to wear sandals here. (woke up to roughly 3 inches of snow last night.. niiiiiccccee...)
    I just read your interview... loved it!! If you get a chance to read my February Favourites today (posting it later on), you're gonna laugh.... :o) That's all I'm gonna say...

  5. What a great dress! Perfect silhouette for you, too.

    Ooh, I woulda been SO mad if I were you in that park scenario! You can always tell good parents by how their older children treat babies and toddlers. I am so glad she didn't get hurt, we have had our share of swingset injuries due to fearless boys.

  6. Thanks, girl! I never know what silhouettes are the best for me. But when in
    doubt, choose A-line! :)
    I'm sorry you guys have experienced some swing set injuries. I was hoping
    and praying (and now thanking God) that we wouldn't have our first at full
    speed like that!

  7. Congrats on the feature! You definitely deserve it and I enjoyed your interview. I love your wedges, as well.

  8. Just read your interview and love it! Such beautiful pictures!


  9. Thanks, lady! Wow!!! So extra excited to be finding YOU around here! Ah!

    Kimberly :)

  10. Man I know you must have been scared out of your mind when Little S was running to the swings.

  11. Oh my goodness, Amy! It was terrifying.

  12. "Have you ever had one of those days when you have so much to say that you're practically bursting at the seams, and then instead of spewing it all out, you vow silence, instead?"

    ugh...that's been me for the past like...week and a half :(

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