Monday, February 21, 2011

Romantic Side of the Tracks

I have a new wardrobe!
Okay, maybe I wouldn't necessarily go that extreme... BUT, my sweet friend, Rochelle, treated me to a post-birthday shopping trip on Saturday and she SPOILED ME ROTTEN. We had a set budget and hit the thrift store, Old Navy, and Ross! We were planning to head to New York & Company as well, but we just hit the jackpot everywhere we went and there was no need to get even more! So a big, giant thank you to Rochelle, for putting up with me (and Little S.), treating me to such a fun girls' day and very thoughtful gifts (not only did she take me shopping, BUT when I got to her house, there was a huge box of goodies waiting for me, there, too!), and helping me build a Spring wardrobe with some awesome pieces and SHOES!

Now that I have you on the edge of your seat, I know you're dying to see at least one of my new finds. Am I right? Am I right?! Lucky YOU, because I'm wearing TWO new things! And lucky ME, because 1) I'm extra comfortable, 2) It's going to be 77 degrees, today, and 3) My sweet husband rescued me from a trying morning and took some MORE beautiful pictures. I love you, babe! Thanks for making me feel like a super model. And you don't look so bad behind that camera, either. 
Who's jealous of my sexy photographer?

  floral dress: Old Navy (gift from Rochelle)
grey swing cardi: New York & Company
gold belt: Target clearance
flower necklace: gift from Marilou
blush rosette ballet flats: Rampage via Ross

Husband sure does have an eye for location. All of these photos were taken around the perimeter of an old, abandoned train station right near the university where I work. I love how the tough background offsets the flirty, romantic vibe of my outfit. I also love how I feel so uninhibited with my husband behind the camera. I normally feel like such a geek when I'm "trying" to pose for photos, but he makes me feel comfortable and natural. I'm so thankful for that.

Many of you have probably read Collette's AMAZING weight loss story, already. And I've been on my own up and down roller coaster since before Little S. was born. Today, I'm turning the page and moving forward with my own weight loss journey. With the help of my husband and SEVERAL amazing bloggy friends, like Melissa, Collette, Marilou, Kori, and Leigh, I have so much more faith in myself that I'm ready and it's TIME.


  1. That dress looks darling on you! I saw it at Old Navy and tried it on, but it just wasn't for me. You look beautiful! :)

  2. OMG jealous of that AWESOME LOCATION!! I want that!! Love the outfit. It looks great on you!

  3. Your dress and flats are so spring-tastic!! I love them. And your location is very fun, too. Congrats on making the decision to partake in a weight loss journey! It's all about feeling good about yourself, not the numbers.

  4. Alessandra, you are so sweet and supportive, always. Thank you for being amazing!

  5. Thanks, friend. :) I told you we have awesome photo spots around here!

  6. oh this pictures are wonderful! tell the hubs he did beautifully!
    you also look amazing! <3
    i love that floral looks perfect on you.
    after reading Collette's weight loss story i am on a war path to lose 10lbs.
    after my wedding two years ago i gained tons of weight..(i gained 5lbs just on the honeymoon..hahaha)
    so if you every need to whine or vent i am here for ya.
    i love working's the dieting part i hate. food is sooooo good...esp. bread.
    have a wonderful week beautiful.

  7. You look amazing! The dress is really wonderful. And your husband sure knows how to pick the perfect locations. The second picture is just WOW! Good luck with your weight loss journey! Sending lots of courage your way :) x

  8. Gorgeous dress! so jealous of your warm weather.

  9. great photos...that dress looks so great on you!!


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