Monday, March 21, 2011

Mansome Monday: Original and Organic

Hello ladies (and men), welcome back to Mansome Monday! I know the anticipation for Mondays is beginning to rival the anticipation of wearing a new outfit or excitement of listening to Delia’s love songs at night so sit back, grab a glass of wine (if you are at work, take a swig of the vodka you store in the drawer of your desk) and allow yourself to be consumed, indulged, and inebriated by your Mansome Fashion Poppa!

I need to take a break from the funny because recently there was much to do about Fashion Momma’s posting about her “food beliefs.” JUST KIDDING! However, I legitimately feel bad for people who search out ways to get angry and feel the need to go on some type of Crusade for their beliefs; if that’s your thing cool, but remember if you are going to unjustly citizen over the internet, you could at least wear something fashionable. (My guess is that you are wearing week-old unwashed navy blue sweat pants!) In the end you will not be judge by how you treat others or by showing tolerance but instead what you are wearing! I know that I always take someone in a double breasted suit more serious than in Umbro shorts. How awesome were those?

Okay … let’s get back to what Mondays are really about: My Mansomeness! My outfit today is what spring is all about; bright colors and light clothes that inspire you to see what’s going on underneath!

Today I am wearing brand new Sperry Topsiders, which are very much like Docker’s boat shoes. My pants are linen, yes linen, by Tommy Bahamas. My pants are soft and lay incredibly on me; go 'head, feel for yourself. You can even grab my inner thigh (I won’t tell nor will anyone know…!) I am wearing a sky blue shirt by Polo. A well conceived and put together outfit that goes great with warmer weather! Find us a tiki-hut and torches, some margaritas, and let’s take that long walk on the beach you have desired!

Outfit name: Original and Organic!  - There is only one Fashion Poppa and becoming Mansome takes time without ANY artificial substance or flavor. Grown locally, without any interference, and aged just right!  Often imitated, duplicated, replicated, and emulated but there can only be one Fashion Poppa! BBAABBOOOOOOMM!

Thanks for reading! Thanks again for all of the follows! Keep your comments and questions coming! Continue reading Fashion Momma’s blog and following us on twitter, FashionMomma22 and JWFaulkner! Have a good week and see you Monday BOOM!

... and Jason


  1. i love your monday mansome posts and this one is great!! you know me and bright colors so of course i love the bright blue of Jason's shirt. and those boat shoes look super comfy!
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  2. Did you see you won????!!!!!! Hope you had a great weekend! Have you voted for Fine Man Friday this week yet? Have a great day. Kori xoxo

  3. Love those boat shoes. My hubs would never go for those but they sure do look great :)

  4. Those are awesome shoes. I really love sky blue, and tan together. When my man wears it I think he looks hot. Maybe if I told him he would wear it more often.
    My Heart Blogged

  5. AHHH!!!!!!! I just saw the movie post/review this morning! I missed the post
    before it! Holy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Love the linen look....even if they are TB....don't they still wrinkle like all get out??hahaha...I usually lie down in the front seat of my car in my linen pants so I arrive not looking like I slept in them..Spring has sprung...says Mansome:)
    Rock on you two haute people!!

    Stop by and say Hello:)
    Statements in Fashion Blog♥

  7. They look awesome, right!? Love 'em. My husband won't wear them, either.
    (Jason's not my husband, just in case you didn't know!)

  8. Oh my goodness- I just seriously started crying from imagining you laying
    down in your car... I know how hard it is (I've had to do it, too), when
    you're not exactly the Jolly Green Giant! :) LOVE you!

  9. Of course I mean that the colour looks really good on him!

  10. Love it when men try to brave some bold colour!

  11. That is HAWT! I love Sperry Topsiders, they make any outfit genius.

    ps: your comments are THE very best ever and YOUUUU are welcomed in my house ANYTIME sugar! I was saying that people in my family call me the "fatty" because I do eat extraordinary amounts of food (you REALLY wouldn't believe your eyes, I'm not even saying this in the way models say "oh yeah totally I eat so much" 'cause they obviously don't know what eating a lot is, but I'm.... I don't even know, special?) and that's why people call me the fatty, because I eat disgustingly huge amounts of food and it's just not normal for someone my size. Plus, I'm doing the detox because it apparently gives you a lot of energy and you feel better overall! Not because I want to lose weight! So yes, this is my little explanation, I would KILL MYSELF if you thought I was one of those typical bratty girls who's always like "ughhh omg I'm so fattttttttttt" and who's always whining about everything and stuff, cause I absolutely ain't!
    Bueno, I need to sleep BIG TIME.

    pps: have you submitted your videos to the American Idol guys yet? Just saw your vids again, you SERIOUSLY NEED to do something with your voice!

  12. I am all about a preppy dude in boat shoes. Reminds me of my husband. :)

  13. love the way he looks! oh, I wish my man looked alike.

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