Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Mish Mash & Hodge Podge

And this is going to be the most disorganized mash-up of zillions of stuffs, because if I don't update you on recently-ness, I'll forget everything. "Get a notebook!" say you? Pfft. That's such a good idea. But my notebook is currently full of an extensively reproducing list of smack to do in my big kid job.

So, basically, I hope you've had your morning cup of whatever it is that helps you focus. Because I'm seriously about to go all ADD on you. And because you puffy heart me, you'll like it. And because you know me, generally speaking, you also aren't at all surprised at the amount of smish smosh that's about to ensue.
There, I said it.
It's a random little disorganized week over here, at Fashion Momma!

First, I asked on Twitter, yesterday, if anyone would like to see what I came up with for the winner of my 300 Follower Giveaway! You said, "yes!" Oh my goodness, it felt so good to hear that "yes." I was worried I'd be standing like a reality TV star at the end of a show, asking you to marry me, and you'd leave me in the dust. Phew. I sent Caitlin's package out yesterday, so girl, if you're reading, DON'T PEEK (assuming you read before you looked at the giant pictures I'm about to post... because that's the average response). Diversion. Anyway... Caitlin got to choose two pairs of tights from We Love Colors, and she chose Brown and Light Tan! I didn't get photos of those, because my lovely friends at WLC shipped them straight from their location for me. Thanks! I got to pick up the Charlotte Russe gift card that Caitlin chose, and hand-pick three accessories. I kind of cheated and picked four. Oopsie.

teal butterfly scarf: Old Navy, long chain and hammered coin necklace: Old Navy, 
rhinestone cuff and bow rings: Forever 21

That's that. Yep. I throw awesome giveaways. It's true. You should probably get on the next one.
Oh my gosh. Did I just do a spoiler? Sorry for not adding "Spoiler Alert!" a la Perez Hilton.


Now's where I ask for your advice. I need help with my skin, friends. Just recently, over the past few months, I've started to get some pretty severe breakouts on my face, chest and back. You might have noticed, because I don't edit them out of my photos. It's me. It's what's going on. Real life stuff over here, you know? I'm not embarrassed. I'm just really angry and frustrated. I've had my share of acne issues, but not really since high school. Barring a few breakouts in college that I couldn't get under control, things have been pretty calm since then. And then, KA-POW! I look like a hormone-infested teenager. Awesome. Sometimes I wear make-up and sometimes I don't. Sometimes I wear tops that cover my chest, and sometimes I don't. I'm not going to let this issue paralyze my style. However, I'm in pain. I feel like I'm experiencing rosacea on my cheeks and my forehead constantly looks like an oily heat rash. My cheeks, chin, jawbone, neck, and hairline are breaking out with semi-cysts, and my back and chest look like I was bitten by 50 mosquitoes. 
WHAT GIVES?? Please and thank you.
Oh, P.S.- I'm asking you because I can't afford the dermatologist, nor will I take acne medication. So, any other ideas? 

And just when you thought you'd never see an outfit from me, again, I'll pull through.
I do it out of love for you.
And obsession with clothes.

 blush tank: H&M
black cardigan: Old Navy
black slacks: New York & Company
blush flats: Ross (don't remember the brand)
gold, pearl, and rhinestone necklace: Banana Republic (Christmas gift from ML!) 

Okay, let's do a quick recap, since you've probably become half brain-fried by now.
1. Caitlin got some awesome stuff and I like doing giveaways.
2. PLEASE weigh in on my skin problems. I need your help!
3. I love feminine, simple, sweet outfits. Oh, and I wore this last Wednesday.

I promise to be more organized and less long-winded, tomorrow.


  1. Hey Kimberly! Loooved the randomness of today's post.. it's what makes you - you! :o) And this goes without saying; you look adorable today! :o) Anyway, totally with you on the adult acne thing! I never had a breakout (minus the odd one here or there) until I was 20!! And all through my 20's I've been battling it.. :o( I've tried everything under the sun, but here's what worked for me: The Arbonne Clear Advantage line... it's a 3-step system with a breakout spot treatment for night as well... This stuff turned my skin around, I swear. I have been using it for three years and I can't say enough about it. I get super excited when I talk about it because it's been the only thing that has worked for me and I have tried everything! Check out for more details.. :o) Also, I was wondering if you had a P.O. Box? Let me know! :o) Hope your Wednesday is fab.. if you have any other questions about Arbonne, let me know! (PS This is just my personal opinion.. every skin type is different :o) but you are proabably well aware of this!) :o)

  2. haha.. just realized you wore this LAST Wednesday.. haha! You looked adorable last Wednesday! :o) (Althought I am sure you look gorgeous today, too!)

  3. Jessica! Actually, I've heard great things about Arbonne from a few of my
    friends! I definitely trust your opinion. Isn't it pretty pricey, though?
    I'm trying to avoid pricey. Life is tight right now. I mean... scrimp, save,
    accidentally buy a cup of coffee, and maybe not be able to afford diapers
    kind of tight. If it really works as well as everyone says, perhaps I can
    make a change somewhere else in my budget to accommodate something that can
    help change this pain in the bum! I don't have a PO Box- just a physical
    address. I'm intrigued, though. What's that for? ;) Thanks for loving my
    outfit, and I assure you that you'll eventually see what I'm wearing, today.
    :) I'm not too far behind! I actually showed Thursday and Friday outfits, so
    all I have to catch up on are today's and yesterday's! :) Thanks for liking
    my randomness, too. I was worried it would steer my buddies away!

  4. You're getting so thin honey!!! Adorable outfit. Have a great day doll.

    Have you heard about my good news? Kori xoxo

  5. Thin?! LOL- that's a camera angle, girlfriend! I haven't gotten to read,
    yet! Girl, my to-do list is growing before my very eyeballs. :(

  6. Hi Sweets..sooo happy Little S is doing so well with PT(Potty training).'s just always "there" isn't it? lol....I use Clinique and absolutely LOVE it....I maybe have a breakout, every six months and it's not even noticeable to anyone else but me:(
    I swear by the stuff.....I do know of others who have used ProActive.....and its worked. You can pick it up at our local mall, not sure if you can where you live. It's worth a try if things are as severe as you are saying. I might skip the Clinique and run right towards to Proactive.

  7. Ya, Arbonne is on the pricey side... I've signed up to be an "independent consultant" which gives me a 35% discount everything I order something.. I don't sell it or anything, I just like the discount! ha! :o) PO Box reason: I saw some mustard accessories (little whimsical things, nothing major) and thought of you and wanted to pop something in the mail to you.. I know you're love of all things mustard these days! :o) I might email you more later... :o)

  8. Oh my goodness!!!!!!
    My mailbox accepts mustard! :)

  9. Loooove those flats, and I don't do flats - but those I would!

  10. Thanks, lady! I do flats because I'm lazy. But I don't *prefer* them,
    because I'm 4'11"! Glad to have found a pair that make me feel sweet and
    feminine, along with "okay" with the fact that, once again, I succumbed to
    "easy." ;)

  11. i absolutely LOVE this top! such a pretty outfit!! :)

  12. Proactive works really well, but make sure you use an old towel you don't care about, or get some white ones, because it will bleach your towels! Definitely found out the hard way :P

  13. I've heard great things about Zeno~ Ive never tried it but heard it works great :)
    I can so hear Sadie saying that!! i wish we lived closer ! I miss her and you of course ALOT!!

  14. I'm glad little S is learning, that's awesome! I have been having a lot of skin issues lately as well. I'm going to order Proactiv. It worked really well for me in high school. During the winter my skin, and hair goes bonkers from being inside so much. Have you changed anything lately? Medicines, face washes, creams, shampoos, styling products, or vitamins? I hope you find something that works for you!
    My Heart Blogged

  15. TERRIFIED of proactiv! I used it in college and my face was peeling within
    two days. Like, the kind of peeling that looked like a continuous sunburn
    and made me feel like I needed to dip my skin in heavy cream. :/ I have very
    sensitive skin. I guess I should have mentioned that, huh? It's the most
    dramatic version of combination skin one can have. T-zone is like bacon
    grease. Cheeks flake and peel and are consistently red and tender.

  16. Such a cute outfit!!
    Happyness Magnet

  17. I love those red panda cubs- I've never seen one. And for the skin thing, my sister was breaking out really bad on jawline, back, etc and did the ProActiv thing. It worked and they have lowered their prices since first coming out. They make a body wash, too. Hope you find what you're looking for! :)

    matters of merrymaking

  18. Thanks, Bekah! The pandas are sooooo cute. Rochelle showed me a youtube
    video of them playing in snow, yesterday. I haven't been able to get enough,
    As far as Proactiv goes, it's too harsh for my extremely sensitive skin!
    I'll keep hunting. But thanks for the suggestions, girlie!

  19. Okay so:
    1. The things you picked are gorgeous... Caitlin is so fortunate to have won your giveaway.
    2. Awwww this was the best part of the post ... you should record her saying that. So you can all laugh at that when she grows up.
    3. So so adorable!!
    4. Um I'm afraid to say that skin problems are a bit unique to every person, so if you keep breaking out a dermatologist has to be the solution. But maybe you could start by buying (or you can even make one at home.. you can find a lot of home-made remedies on the web) a body/facial scrub or facial mask.
    5. The outfit is really cute.. love the necklace.

    Excuse the super long comment :) xo

  20. I've tried some Arbonne samples and really liked them. I didn't get to try them out for a long period of time though (generally I like to try skin products for at least 2 weeks before coming to a decision) but have heard great things about it in general.

    Exfoliating seems to help most, when it comes to my breakouts. I also have sensitive skin, and an oily hairline and forehead. During the summer months, I exfoliate 2-3 times a week (tending toward the 2 times a week side as not to dry out my skin too much) and have noticed that I don't breakout nearly as often. I'll exfoliate the upper part of my chest during the summer too, and that has made a difference.

    These have been my two favorite exfoliating products so far:
    Clinique 7 Day Scrub Cream (again, I only use it 2 times, 3 max, a week--this is going by my dermatologist's recommendation for ALL exfoliators)
    Boscia Smoothing Facial Polish (Especially good for sensitive skin, but may not give as much "scrub" as some are looking for)

    For money saving's sake, I've been using the Oil of Olay cleanser/exfoliation kit this winter (can't remember what it's called; it's the one with the battery powered scrubber thingie), once a week and it seems to work ok. I think I'm going back to Clinique or Boscia this summer though.

    For what it's worth, I keep hearing good things about the Neutrogena Wave:

    With how much these products can cost--especially if you want to do a whole routine with cleanser and moisturizer as well--a dermatologist copay might be cheaper, since they'll help you get the root of the problem more quickly. If you still lived up here, I'd give you the name of my derm. She doesn't really push pills but lifestyle changes and over the counter solutions to help calm down acne prone skin.

    Good luck! Blah skin is sooo frustrating.

  21. FIVE times thank you!!! I wanted to keep all of the things I bought for
    Caitlin! TOTALLY gonna sneak a recording of Little S... greatest idea, EVER.
    And, I kind of figured I'd end up at the dermatologist. I just... don't want
    to PAY for it. And I'm afraid they're going to suggest an oral medication or
    something with benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid, all of which I'm
    extremely sensitive to... Ohhhh LIFE.

  22. Also--great accessories for the giveaway! I especially love the necklace.

  23. I actually use the Clinique 7 Day Scrub 1-2 times a week, but my skin
    becomes immensely inflamed, each time I do it (and you know how tiny and
    fine those grains are!)! I use a light hand and used to exfoliate with the
    very abrasive St. Ives Apricot Scrub, which never bothered me. And even with
    these more gentle products, I react so adversely...

    I think it's time for the dermatologist. Ugh.

  24. Yeesh--that stinks, Kimberly! Definitely don't use the Oil of Olay then; it's similar but pointier feeling (which is why I'm thinking of going back to the Boscia or Clinique). Boscia uses some plant something or another--it's really squishy feeling, is all I can describe it as.

    A dermatologist might be able to find some underlying problem that's really easy to fix. Make sure you mention your finances and tell them you don't want to be led on some wild goose chase for your holy grail. Going to the doctor is no fun, but it's pretty great when they find easy solutions.

  25. So much about this post cracked me up but my fave was definitely the recap. Reminds me of how I end each discussion with undergrads, I realize I rambled for forever and all it boils down to are some key bullet points. :D

    I have no help for you, except to say that I know for me personally, what I eat really does show up on my skin. I'm a chocoholic/carbo/saturated fat kind of girl but if it's all I eat, my skin breaks out like you wouldn't believe. Water, veggies, and protein helps balance it out for me.

    I'm a #5 kind of girl, too!!

  26. Kim -
    Mine started breaking out inexplicably, too. I tried the Neutrogena Skin ID stuff and it's made a dramatic difference! It's sort of expensive ($50), but lasts me for 3 months. They DO automatically send it to you (which I hated about Proactiv), but you can change the frequency (30, 60, 0r 90 days). Also, the website asks probably about 20 questions to figure out which combination of products is best for you, so you would be able to factor in your extreme combo skin and sensitivity.

  27. Girl, I feel your pain. I was 24 when I got my first bout of acne. I had just moved in with my byofriend and I was so horrified. I found a website ( that was started by a guy who struggled with acne his whole life and has found a great system to control it. He does sell some products on his site, but he also tells what you what drugstore products you can use. It's mainly about consistency and patience. The first two weeks, I saw no improvement (except no new stuff) and after that it really started clearing up. I still use his methods and product suggestions and my skin rarely breaks out- maybe 1 or 2 spots every few months. Good luck- I know how frustrating skin can be. However, you still look radiant in your pics :)

  28. Ok where to start on all the good things in this post!! First, you look TERRIFIC in these photos. I know you are doing Collette's weight loss group and I think your hard work is paying off!! I mean you already looked fabulous, but you are just looking so slender in these shots. You go girl! Next, congrats on Little S starting to potty train! I am sure that is very exciting for you :) I'm not a mom but I have changed my share of diapers so I am sure this is a welcome development. And lastly, I am so sorry to hear your skin is in pain. That is no fun! I don't know about how to stop the breakouts, but have you tried any skin soothing creams to take away the pain at least?

  29. Lindsay! First of all, great to hear from you! I hope you're doing well! And
    thanks. I'm definitely going to give this a shot. I have had a good bit of
    success with Neutrogena in the past. :)

  30. Thanks for the advice, friend! Oy...

  31. Monk!!! I officially feel famous that you commented on my post. ;)
    About the recap (which I lovingly refer to as "reCRAP" at the beginning of
    each Bachelor episode), I am quite possibly the most long-winded person on
    the face of the universe. I can't crop myself. It's so difficult. So, I
    hoped people would read to the end, then be like, "Frakking good thing she
    added these five things down here. All I remember are some red panda raccoon
    looking things..."

    I eat a really balanced diet, and have most recently become very good at
    ingesting all sorts of things that my daughter thinks I picked off of a
    tree. So... part of me freaked and thought, "CRAP! My skin is allergic to
    spinach and quinoa. The world is coming to an end." I'm pretty sure it HAS
    to be something else. Right? Oh em gee. Please tell me I'm not allergic to
    healthy food.

    See? Long-winded. I wasn't kidding.

    1. Yay, you're here!
    2. I don't shut up without a fight.
    3. Hopefully arugula doesn't = pizza face.
    4. I'm still not shutting up.

  32. I actually checked that site out last night, because I was SO disgusted and
    frustrated with what popped up JUST during the course of the past 24 hours!
    However, he definitely preaches an abundance of benzoyl peroxide and pretty
    much swears that's the miracle maker. I'm extremely sensitive to that stuff,
    so his system wouldn't really work for me, unfortunately. The rest of the
    things he suggested, though, I already do- wash twice a day with a mild
    cleanser, don't scrub or rub my face, let it pretty much air dry after
    lightly patting with a soft towel, and moisturize with a low oil, no SPF
    moisturizer, twice a day. I just can't do the chemical. It peels my skin
    almost immediately. :/

  33. Hey, lady! Thanks! I think it's the camera angle. My husband's really good
    at that. But I did fit into smaller jeans, today! Woo. I've only lost 8 lbs,
    so I don't know if that's enough to really tell. Little S is simply perfect
    at making life better. On all counts. Love.Her. And we'll figure out my skin
    issues. :) I do use a green tea moisturizer with aloe at night, which calms
    the redness a bit. I've read to try chamomile. Naturalists suggest that the
    calming entity in the plant that helps you sleep/relax better actually calms
    skin, too. I might just make some extra strong chamomile tea and use a baby
    washcloth to administer it to my skin before I moisturize at night. That
    won't help the breakouts, but it should help with the redness and
    irritation. :)

  34. if you go to the dermatologist (which i know you say you don't want to have to pay for, but if you are genuinely having skin issues, your insurance should cover it so you just need to pay a copay- they will be able to probably pinpoint what is causing your acne.
    Does it get worse around your period? You said you have acne on your chin, jawline, etc. that's typically hormonal acne.

    Dermatologists prescribe oral medication for acne as a last resort, so that is probably unlikely that will happen. You may have an overproduction of a hormone- so you may also want to go see your primary care doctor OR your gynecologist to see if they can run a blood panel to check your hormone levels. I know I had an issue with hormones that caused my skin to break out and once we discovered that and remedied the problem- it fixed itself! If you go to the dermatologist, though, be sure to tell them no oral medication and that your skin is sensitive and your budget is tight. A good dermatologist will tell you the best drugstore solutions for your problem!

    also, sometimes, certain products that will cure the acne will cause redness and such the first few days, but once your skin gets acclimated, it works wonders!

  35. So: re skin issues -- I had terrible skin for a while there in my mid-twenties, and the only thing that helped was Neutrogena's complete acne therapy system. It made my skin dry and terrible for a week then all of a sudden the vast majority were gone.

    I don't use it now because I'm scared of all the chemicals (stopped when I got pregnant and since I'm still bfing haven't started again). Luckily pregnancy gave me the best skin of my life. Could it be hormonal? Oh, another more natural option is tea tree. You can get a little spot treater and put the tea tree oil directly on the offending pimples.

  36. Hey, Andie! Thanks for the suggestions. I do think I'll end up going to the
    derm, eventually. I do want to try a few more options, including a chamomile
    addition to my green tea and aloe moisturizer for night time. As far as when
    I break out- no, it's not near or around my period. It's just all the time.
    I used to have breakouts during my time of the month, but not anymore. Now
    it's just consistent. It's also on my chest and back, which I haven't had
    since middle school. I thought maybe it was from working out, but I shower
    right after.

    I used ProActiv for two months before I gave up on it. It did clear up my
    skin, but I felt sunburned 24/7. And I used to use Clean and Clear persagel
    with benzoyl peroxide, which also used to work. So I turned to that a few
    weeks ago, and it also has left me feeling like I want to keep my face in a
    vat of freezing water... We shall see!

  37. I do use a green tea moisturizer with aloe, but I haven't tried tea tree
    oil, yet. Pregnancy gave me the best skin, too! Now, two years after S was
    born, I'm reverting! I stopped all of the harsh chemicals when I was
    pregnant, too. They always irritated my skin, but I could cover up the
    redness, so I didn't mind that my skin was consistently burning. Now, I
    don't want the chemicals or the pain, if I can help it at all. I'd almost
    rather break out that smear my face with BP or salicylic acid. Thanks for
    the suggestions!

  38. Cute outfit. What a great gift for Catlin.

    I used Oxy product and they work great. There is also Acne Free stuff but it made my face worse.

  39. Ok, I am like the 100th comment so you may not read this but my skin was being a little freaky recently, too. I blame it on the no birth control, still breastfeeding but now my period is back hormonal craziness. I use ProActiv and Josie Maran argain oil moisturizer and my skin is looking waay better than it has in years!

    Good luck sweetie... problem skin is no fun :(

  40. The potty story has me cracking up, girl! Hilarious and oh so cute! & of course I'm digging your outfit...the shoes are fabulous!!!

  41. Oh... what you have in store for Mister Hudson! ;)

  42. Don't worry- We'll come up with a master plan to be porcelain faced beauties in no time! I've got a kid who talks to her poo and you've got one that tricks you on the jungle gym.

    We are so lucky! ;)

  43. I hear you, I see you! :) You didn't get lost, down here! I did get back on BC, recently (less than a month ago), so I'm wondering if that exacerbated the issue, actually, since it's been worse since I started. Or, my hormones could totally be rebalancing and going whack because I started it. So if I wait just a bit longer, perhaps it'll even out?

  44. well first things look beautiful. :)

    and on the acne thing. I AM JUST LIKE YOU! i have the horrible deep cyst things ugh..with my father being a dermatologist...he told me, you are getting older..(ugh..28..haha) it is hormones and basically to suck it up. haha..
    but i am on some drugs he that helps a wee bit..but after awhile my body gets use to certain drugs and he really dosn't like putting me on a lot of different types of drugs all the time..but all in all i just think it is that our hormones are on a roller coaster. i also use has been working pretty awesome for me..

    ok..lawd..that was long.
    last thing..i always ask him (my father) what to wash my face with because there is so much out in drugstores and he says.."soap and water..." haha.. he is so right too..i spend all this damn money and all the washes are the same..we all get sucked into the advertisement.

  45. gee, soap and water? really? i always read that soap is over drying and so bad for your skin! i don't even want to buy into all the fancy packaging and natural blah blah, no scent whatevers. i just want something that's SAFE, affordable, and that works! ughh hormones. sometimes i wish it was time for me to be pregnant, again. my skin was PERFECT the entire time. i'll check out the burt's bees. i generally love their products and use quite a bit of them on the munchkin. their boo boo balm is a miracle healer!

    thanks for the suggestions!

  46. Great post! I've been following you on twitter for awhile (courtesy of my connection/follow to Blonde Episodes) and a new follower of your blog. Love it! I'd like to comment on your skin problems. First, it could be age, stress, hormones...seriously. However, it could be a combination of factors. A lot of my friends and family members ask me when they have problems with there skin and typically we've pin-pointed the root cause and found a solution. A couple questions: prior to the "problem" what type of skin did you have? any food allergies? any changes to your diet? stress level? changes to your skincare regime? or lack of regime? have you recently moved to a new climate? I've got some suggestions depending on how you answer. Shoot me an email (to be more private) and then we can "blog" about it (email: hpranitis@yahoo). I loved to hear more...and help you solve the problem. :) I'll be back soon.

  47. I don't know what to tell you about your neck and back - do you use like some sort of scented body wash or something? maybe you should just switch to a plain soap like the Dial orange antibacterial?

    As for your face - welcome to my world. I never broke out in high school. In college it got a bit worse but nothing I couldn't handle. Then suddenly I'm in my mid-20s and BAM ZIT FACE. Yuck. And it was usually cystic acne. I switched all facial skin care products to Burt's Bees and whereas I still have minor breakouts when I get my period, it's nothing like it used to be. I'm hooked! I use their acne gel cleanser, their rose water toner and their radiance day lotion at night; in the morning I use...I think it's the willow bark scrub and the radiance day lotion again.

  48. oh oops forgot to add - and their acne spot treatment works wonders as well!

    all that said, cost-wise it's more than the stuff you can buy at the drugstore or whatever but less expensive than the stuff you get at a department store or spa.

  49. Thanks for all of these suggestions! I bet it's a lot more gentle than a lot
    of things people lean toward for acne!

  50. hey chick!

    skin problems generally occur due to hormonal changes - when you're stressed, you release these hormones and your skin goes bananas sometimes. you seem to handle stress very well, but i have no doubt it's there! afterall, you're a mommy :)

    i'm a skin freak, so i do a lot to maintain it, but just some simple suggestions to you:

    - wash twice a day with 2 different face washes - one of which should be a 'scrub.' i use st. ives at night and aveeno gentle exfoliation in the morning. everyone's skin is different, so these may not work for you.
    - moisturize twice a day - once at night and once in the AM. lack of moisture can cause SERIOUS redness over time. even if you think you have oily skin (which i have sometimes) don't neglect the moisturizer. es moi importante.
    - protect your skin! the environment plays a big role in the way our skin reacts, also. this is why i emphasize SPF in a moisturizer or in make up. again, over time the sun (even in small amounts like while you're in you car) starts to really wear down skin. i also use an anti-wrinkle cream for preventative maintenance. hahaha.

    sometimes when skin goes bananas, though, a dermatologist is the only fix. i hear ya BIG time on the cost - they are completely crazy expensive. hopefully one of your reader suggestions works!

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