Thursday, March 17, 2011

My Little Pot of Gold

I want to thank Katy, of Think Pretty Thoughts, for not only introducing me to this wealth of information about food, but also for spending 3+ hours with me on a Skype date, last night. She and I talked like old friends, got to know so much about each other, and she taught me SO.MUCH about fitness and food intake. I'm happy to have Katy as a friend, confidant, and as my very own little personal trainer. Love you, girl! No, really. I love you more.


Husband's and my schedule wasn't conducive to working out a photo shoot this morning, so I asked one of my coworkers to take my pics in the hallway! So picturesque, right? I couldn't skip out on proving that I wore green, today, though! I hear virtual pinches hurt even worse than pinches IRL. Have you heard that? Either way, I'm not willing to find out! I'm all about these babies!

floral dress: Old Navy
navy cami: Old Navy
apple green cardi: APT. 9, via Kohl's
light blue tights: c/o We Love Colors
wedges: SBICCA, via Ross (shopping trip with Rochelle!)

I *broke* my shopping ban to purchase this dress, last weekend! I know. Shocking. I allowed myself to spend a whopping $9 on myself. Oh yeah, nine buckaroos, friends! Who else would have passed it up?
Not me, friends. Not me.


  1. You have the most adorable daughter. I love her outfit and yes stuffed animals are accessories. (or baby dolls which were my accessories of choce when i was younger)

    I like your outfit especially the green cardi. Im not wearing green today and Im already feeling the virtual pinching and yes it hurts... A lot :)

    Happy St Patty's Day!!

  2. Thank you, Aimee, for the sweet compliments about Little S! I sure am lucky!
    Also, the green cardi is actually my *least* favorite part of this outfit,
    so thanks for saying that. I feel better about my choice, now!

  3. that middle picture of little s is ADORABLE

  4. I think you BOTH look adorable!!! And Little S is seriously a pot of little gold....shes so dang cute in
    those tights!!! Love your new dress....good for you hunnie, you totally deserve it:)

    I'll take a hallways pic of you over no pic any day of the week.....Happy St Patty's Day pinches here!

  5. You are the best at comments! LOL- You make me so happy! And you make me
    feel a heck of a lot better about my hallway pics than I originally did!

  6. Um, i'm sorry, but even though you're cute and all...little S passed you up today. can i squeeze those cheeks of hers? dang i love her in green...

  7. Oh, GIRL, I know. That's why I absolutely had to take her pics, even though
    it's not TTT! Seriously, I die for her outfit from the bow in her hair to
    the bows on her MJs!

  8. Aww, thank you!!! :) I'm so glad she kept her bow in her hair! And when I
    asked her to stand by her flower, she went to her beanie babies, picked up
    the green bear and held it by her tights and said, "Momma! Looook!" Which
    was her super keen way of telling me she matched the bear. I'm such a
    glowing, proud momma!

  9. You both look great. I going strong on not shopping. its been 47 days now.

  10. Oh your daughter is just so precious! What a little sweetheart.:) And I really love the fresh, cool colors of your outfit! You look like spring!

  11. thank you so much! :) she is such a blessing!

  12. OMG you both look adorable as usual Kimberly honey! I think you already know, but I'm having a great Spring giveaway that ends tomorrow! Make sure you enter if you haven't already! Have a fantastic day honey! Kori xoxo

  13. Once again your trendy tot is too cute!! Love your dress and wedges, as well.

  14. oh good lawd..lil S is so flipping cute. i just want to give her a big hug!!!
    happy st. patricks day beautiful!

  15. (in your very best Scarlet O'Hara voice?) ;)

  16. i'm loving little S's green tights!! how stinkin' cute! and the floral print on your dress is beautiful too! i think it was a good dress to break the shopping ban on. :)

    cute & little

  17. Thanks, girl! I DIE over her tights. I want them! And the dress needs some
    hemming, but otherwise, it feels like a nightgown and has fun colors, so I'm

  18. so super cute...kelly green tights? get OUT. love and love them. know what else i love? the print on your dress--so beautiful! and paired with a colored tight it's just fantastic.

  19. Thanks so much! Glad you stopped by, girl! :) Loving all of your green
    spirit, too!

  20. 1.Your daughter is a cutie 2. i love your green and blue combo. 3. i forgot to comment yesterday on your post but i had been thinking about it- when i was trying for my babies (ivf) i was very careful with my food- i only ate organic, ate no hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated fats, had no caffeine or alcohol. i also had no chemicals in the house, used chemical (as much as poss) free organic beauty products! my first cycle (pre my lifestyle change) failed after 'making' 3 grade 1 embryos and after i changed my lifestyle i had 12 grade 1 embryos and got twins! proof! i know it's a bit diff from the things you said but relevant in the fact that 'nasties' are out there, more than we realise, good luck :)

  21. Little S. is so cute. I'm not going to lie I LOVE kids, and babies. I can't wait to have my own one day. Not for a good few years though : ( That's dress looks awesome on you. By the time I went they were out of my size. People become wild animals in my area for the Old Navy sales lol.
    My Heart Blogged

  22. I know I say this every time but your little one is SO FREAKING ADORABLE!!!

    And, I vote that this dress doesn't count! It is adorable and only $9 - nice score!!

    Classroom Chic

  23. Oh my GOODNESS I could just eat your little sweetie UP! She is so so precious!!! AND look at you, missy, in those seriously FAB tights!?!?! You look AMAZING! I totally would have broken a shopping ban for that dress, too. Happy St. Patty's!! xo

  24. Oh. My. Word.

    Little S is too cute for words! I am feeling like a poorly accessoried mommy right now, as B has neither an adorable green bow or beautiful green tights. I am severely slacking in my parental duties, obviously :)

    This Life, Redefined…stop by and say hi!

  25. She is the cutest thing I've ever seen!! love those green tights. adorable.

    xo Jess

  26. Though $9 is $9, it was worth it. You look so dang adorable and your little girl ahhh. So sweet.

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