Monday, April 18, 2011

Mansome Monday: Less = More...

Wake up! It’s Mansome Monday! Along with being your Fashion Poppa and Heir of High Fashion, my side job is that of a teacher. And as I walk into my classes, Metallica’s “Enter Sandman” plays and at least 2-5 pyrotechnics set off fireworks. It is quite impressive but then again so am I and the entrance is appropriate (I tried to get my buddy, JC, to do the same but he insisted on just having Palms). But I was thinking I should receive the same type of entrance, when you click the link to Mansome Monday. I mean this IS the best part of not only your day but also week!

As the temperature warms everyone is looking towards spring and summer. But your Fashion Poppa wants to warn you that less does not equal more. Ladies, I am talking to you (ah hem... some gentlemen should just as well considering staying covered up). Just because it is 70 degrees one day does not mean you lose all fashion sense and wear something that would cause even your best friend to say, “Yeah……. That looks …. Fine….” (Ladies, when you tell your significant other that you're "fine," you know that means ahellofalotofmess.) Who hasn’t heard that before (besides Fashion Poppa of course)? In my travels I also sometimes see ladies trying to get their boyfriend or fella in her life to dress alike and have outfits that mirror each other. #1: If you are in this type of relationship where you have to dress like your partner you need help (even beyond what Fashion Poppa can give). And #2: Fellas, if your lady is wearing booty-shorts this does NOT mean you have to as well! I cannot tell you how many guys I see making this mistake! (Oh my gosh. Please... unless you're running a marathon, JUST DON'T.)

Another mistake the guys make during the spring is they wear the same type of clothes, especially colors, they did in the winter. Fellas, it is spring! Change it up and wear brighter colors! Stop wearing your snow boots; brighten up your life – it is sure to get the ladies’ attention! (TRUE story!)

Not that I need to wear different clothes to attract the ladies (I could wear a bath robe and still be fashionable) but today I am practicing what I preach! I am continuing to sport more “pastel-type” colors as my shirt Caribbean Sea-Green and my chinos are a lighter shade! Booya! Perfect for a walk in a dewy meadow, a picnic, or even just a stroll around town – I am up (or down) for anything! Once again, I know your man might be fearful of lighter and brighter colors but just show him my picture and he will see the light!

I am wearing my Sperry Top-siders today, which perfectly match my belt. Apart from my good looks, it is my attention to detail that the ladies love!

Outfit name – Less = More, I'll Have a Second Helping

 I know you love my sticky note and paper sign, taped to the back of my door. ;)

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Jason decided he wanted to make fun of one of my signature poses, today. I'll tell you, he's more fussy about a photo shoot than I am. And I'm a diva!

I don't know about all of you, but I like to make sure my shoes are still there! 

... and Jason

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