Wednesday, April 6, 2011

We Love Colors Wednesday: Neon Green

Happy Wednesday! I think it's going to be my new favorite day of the week because I get to be extra colorful! Not that my outfits lack shock factor, by any means. I wish I could have video taped all of the stares I got while wearing my disco ball, yesterday. If people asked me why I was so dressed up, I had a great jumping off point to discuss SBS Awareness, so it was the perfect subject line for my conversation. I knew it was risky to wear what most people would deem cocktail party/club wear to work, but it certainly served my purpose and I'm glad I did it.

Please don't forget to wear your royal blue this month and submit a photo to 
stateofmyheart {at} gmail {dot} com
Each of our little voices can turn into one ginormous one! 

Now, let me stupefy you with my highlighter legs!

dress: APT 9, Kohl's
cardi: New York & Company (OLD- not that you can't tell from its slight greyness)
neon green tights: c/o We Love Colors
flats: Guess, handed down from Whitney
belt: Old Navy
necklace: Body Shop

Can I be honest with you? {yes} Okay, great.
These tights came in the mail and I was scared out of my color-loving mind. Ask Husband! I pulled them out of the package and said, "How in THE hell am I going to style these?" I stood with them in my hands, perplexed for many moons (a half hour), in front of my closet. And you know what? I made FOUR outfits. 4 of them. four. Take that, uber challenging neon green tights!

Bwahahahaha. We shall meet again.
I'll be back.

{Neon green tights are now shaking in their boots... or blue Guess flats.}

I got a comment from Ashley and four emails about how I got my blogger bun to be so ginorm, yesterday. Two of the five askers thought I had stick straight hair. So, I've got to tell you that I'm a liar. I'm sorry I lied! But when my hair is straight, like in today's post, my handy-dandy In-Styler or Chi. For my blogger bun, I turned my rat's nest of waves upside-down and teased the crap out of it! That's why it was a bouncy puff ball!

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