Friday, November 11, 2011

One Man's Trash

Sometimes your friends buy clothes and they don't fit. Then you inherit the clothes. Enter this beautiful and colorful Charlotte Russe top that my bff, Jackie, passed down to me over the weekend. Although I was sad that things didn't work out for her, I was elated that they turned into good fortune on my part. This baby had a tie waist, which I just cut off so I could add belts for shape wherever I wanted (lower or higher). The weather was warm enough to not have to wear a sweater or jacket last night, so I got dressed for bible study and knew I could pull this shirt off without having to cover the pretty sleeves with a cardigan (although, that would work too!)

Husband was playing with indoor lighting and the flash since it's so dark outside when he gets home these days. Although the flash washes me out, I think it's probably the best indoor option. The rest are grainy and I really can't dig that.

top: Charlotte Russe, via Jackie
cami: Old Navy
jeans: Old Navy
belt: Old Navy
wedges: Lower East Side

The lesson today is: If you find something beautiful in your closet that no longer fits, pass it on to someone you know could get some good mileage out of it! That's pretty much what I'm doing with my Lulu's dress giveaway! Got it. Tried it. Doesn't work! That means one of YOU can win it!

Enter to win my brand new Lulu's dress!

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