Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Where Am I?

You might wonder where I am. Then again, you might not wonder at all. But if you are a wonderer (and don't get that confused with wanderer), Little S. is under the weather and for the past two evenings, try as I might, all she wants to do is forfeit dinner and snuggle in my bed while watching a movie. While I am not one to let the TV babysit my child (nor am I one who thinks it will turn her brain to mush), I can't say no to such a sweet and pitiful small fry request. So that's where I'm headed, once again. As I write explaining why I'm not writing, Little S. is yelling, "Momma! Momma! Come 'ere!"

To keep you busy while I nurse my wee one back to good health, I figured you should probably do a few things.

1. Enter my Poshlocket giveaway! You'll have a chance to win this BEAUTIFUL Jenny Fabric Weave Cuff. And trust me, this stuff is awesome quality! Not too heavy, but definitely substantial! And the colors are beautiful!

2. Check out my Etsy shop! I'm really loving the newest items and I've finally gotten some custom orders, so I'm really excited about that for the holidays! My favorite item in the shop right now is the Fields of Gold Fabric & Yarn Wreath.

3. Leave me a comment telling me the ONE thing on your Christmas wish list that you absolutely MUST have! I need some ideas. Everyone's bothering me to send them a list and I have not one idea. Maybe if you can't live without it, neither can I!

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