Wednesday, December 28, 2011

On the Farm ... Sorta

We had Christmas in Hampstead, NC, at my uncle's house. He lives right outside of town, but has a huge lot of land, goats that live in the field behind his house, and random sheds and gardens throughout his property. My mom and I took advantage of one of the sheds that had old rusted farm tools around it for Friday afternoon photos.

dress: Old Navy
boots: Soda/Shoe Department

And this is my beautiful momma...
My very best friend.

She wasn't too pleased when I made her cheese with me on Christmas morning, but I think the photo turned out really cute! Everyone was making fun of me for wearing lipstick to open gifts. My mom gave it to me the night before and I promise I just thought it was a lightly tinted chapstick. I didn't even look in the mirror before leaving the guest house and voila! The photo tells the truth. Coral on Christmas day, anyone?

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