Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Old Navy Maternity Haul + Fun Giveaway!

I have been squeezing myself into a wardrobe that doesn't fit for quite a few weeks now, so you'll understand the excitement I experienced when my Old Navy order arrived yesterday! Squeeee! Clothes that fit! 

Maternity Chiffon-Tiered Top - $8.97 (I did not get it for that awesome price!)

I'm so excited, but I feel like I still have a very limited maternity wardrobe. Unfortunately, my current "state" is not cause for buying a brand new wardrobe to clothe me for a month at a time. Husband is completely confident that I'll survive with a week's worth of clothes. He's probably right, but... I mean, come on. You know me. I really do have enough. It's already 74 degrees, so I truly only need the one pair of jeans (and okay, I might already have another pair or two). And I have dresses that will fit over this belly 'til eternity, so I didn't need all maternity dresses. And let's be honest. If I only had the few things above, my leggings, the Bella Band, and some comfy yoga pants, I'd be perfectly fine. Which is good, because that's all she wrote! 

Now, if you've stuck around this long, you know there's a giveaway involved!
Because my wardrobe is so limited, I'd LOVE some styling ideas for the pieces I did grab. We did a styling contest like this when I took my nanny position last year and it went so well! You can be as creative as you want and include any shoes, accessories, or other pieces that you see fit. Please make them maternity-friendly, though! ie: NO 4-inch heels. Megan can do it, but I cannot.

So, how's it work? You create a polyvore set with one or more of the items above and leave the link in a comment below. Next Wednesday, March 7, I will choose a winner! 
The winner will get a $25 gift card to Old Navy!
Some other things to consider including in your polyvore set:

- cardigans
- leggings
- flats/sandals
- layering pieces
- blazers

Good luck! I will wear my closest rendition of the winner's outfit to church  on Sunday, March 11 (and in Monday's outfit post). NO pressure to be fancy! We are a very casual church!

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