Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Daddy Takes S to the River

Almost every weekend, my husband takes S on a bike/trailer ride to the river. There's all kinds of awesome wildlife there and two Saturdays ago, they ran into a family of turtles and S got to hold a butterfly! I'm so happy Husband got a bicycle and is able to not only spend some time exercising, which he loves, but with his daughter to boot. The best part is that the trail they take goes about 4.5 miles from point A to the river, then on their way back, they stop at the playground (where I usually meet them) for playtime so S can get her "energies" out. After spending all of the weekdays with Mommy, I know she really enjoys her special time with Daddy! Here are some of the photos that were captured on the ride 2 Saturdays ago.
 When a little girl chases butterflies quietly and gently enough...
 One just might land on her finger!
 So, S has a baby doll named Abby. And Abby pretty much goes EVERYWHERE with us. Car rides, stores, playground, trailer rides... S even told me that if Abby can't come with her, she's not coming to the hospital to meet her baby sister. Of course my reaction was, "Abby is welcome! She's part of the family, too!" When S draws our family on her chalkboard, she includes Abby and Poodle (that's her little lovie banket). It's sort of adorable. So, here's Abby!
 This is where S sits to watch the minnows in the river. She says the big fishies are mean fishies and they eat the poor little baby fishies. (I guess the minnows are the poor little food.)
This little girl has been the center of my whole world since I got pregnant with her in May 2008. I can't believe there are going to be two precious angels in my life so soon... God surely has blessed me.

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