Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Mom Jeans?

I'm baaaaaack!
It's been two weeks and three days since my little Bean was born and it's been busy to say the least! Sorry I've been MIA, but juggling the visitors, nursing, sleepless nights, two sweet little girls, and reminding myself to eat somewhere in between has proven too much for blogging! But... I'm here and I plan to keep going forward! Hopefully I can keep up, but I probably won't be updating at my normal rate for a while. Expect to see 2-3 posts a week until I get my bearings on this new life!
 on S- dress: Cracker Barrel, shoes: Kohl's, bow: Local Artist
on Bean- jumper: Baby Gap (consigned)
me- top: Oh Baby, jeans: Charlotte Russe, flip flops (GAH, these are NOT shoes): Old Navy, shades: NY&Co.

I got out of the house yesterday. FINALLY. I feel like I'm on lock-down and it's horrible. I like to go out and be moving and sitting around the house, waiting to heal up from my c-section and being on the baby's schedule has been challenging for me. Now, I realize I'm going to be on the baby's schedule for a long time. Hopefully I can figure out how to nurse outside of the house better! I've tried a few times and neither Bean or I can get comfortable. It's just a mess! I have to have my boppy with me and I forgot to take it around when I got to doctor's appointments or Babies R Us. Man, my life sounds like a ton of fun, doesn't it? IT IS. I swear. I'm so happy with these little girls. Bean has been such a total blessing and S is a wonderful, loving big sister. She hasn't shown any jealousy at all and I'm pretty shocked, to be honest. I'm sure once all the hype dies down and we don't have family coming and going, she'll realize she's not the center of the universe and it'll hit home. I pray for strength on that day.
In more exciting news... I'm wearing my pre-pregnancy jeans already! It took 6 months after I had S and 2 weeks and 2 days after I had Bean! I guess that's the difference between gaining 27 pounds and 50 pounds during a pregnancy. Granted, the jeans weren't comfortable, per se, they were on. Jeans are no bueno for post-cesarean incision pains. Just a tidbit of helpful information if you're ever in my shoes.
 Someday, I'll wear real shoes and dresses again, but for right now, all I can manage is to get dressed in something that's not a nursing tank and yoga pants. Everything has to be nursing friendly, even when I leave the house. I like the little list Kimmie put together about mom attire, here. Check it out!
Glad to be back! I've missed you guys!

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