Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Something I Ate: Breakfast Sandwich (5 points!)

I started Weight Watchers online on Monday and my best friend and mom are doing it with me. I'm totally psyched about my extremely attainable goals and how motivated I am! My go-to yummy breakfast has been this delicious sandwich - only a 5 points plus value! Add an apple or banana and I'm so good to go!
Photo from the Biggest Loser Family Cookbook
1 whole grain english muffin
1 slice fat free American cheese
1 egg white or 1/2 c. egg substitute
1 slice of turkey bacon
cook - voila

It's like McDonald's, but better.

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  1. I'm doing weight watchers too! I usually have 1/2 a light english muffin, 1 egg, and a little butter for breakfast with fruit and my coffee... around 5 points too!


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