Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Follow on Bloglovin'!

Hey, ya'll! So, in all of my spaced-out glory, I just learned that Google Reader is peacing out! I finally imported all of my favorite blogs, so thankfully, I'll still be able to read them! Now, if you don't follow me on Bloglovin', please do! I know I haven't been too interesting, lately, but I'm working on it. Promise. I vow to not disappear. Just still trying to figure things out.

Follow me by clicking the cute little button at the top of the sidebar! --->

I'll keep on posting it so you don't miss your chance to follow after Google Reader is gone! I think it's staying around 'til July, but you probably know better than I do, because ya'll are so much more active than me!

And to tide you over (hopefully not for too long!), here are some recent snapshots!
I went back blonde. Surprise, surprise!
A sweaty Sadie after her last day of school.
Yeah... no school this summer. Should be fun. Send me your awesome "entertain preschooler" ideas!
Norah's not big enough to play in the Chick-Fil-A play area. But she sure knows how to get a good look at big sissy!

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