Monday, September 23, 2013

Striped Working Girl + FundayMonday Link-Up

dress: Old Navy (similar), tights: We Love Colors c/o, boots: Soda
The lack of photos is due to the fact that my little Beaners has been super sick since Saturday. She stayed home with her daddy, today, while I took Sadie to school and... WENT TO WORK. Yes, I am a working woman, again! I meant to come back and announce it on Friday, but things got busy. So, first thing's first. Hubs took this picture of us as he was flying out the door to get to work for the second half of the day. Little Miss Sicky Pants (literally... gross diapers over here) couldn't bear to be put down for two seconds. So, voila. She is in my one and only outfit photo for today!
Onto the job thing. If you're friends with me on Facebook, you saw my announcement on Friday. I am so excited to tell you that I have been offered (and have obviously accepted) a teaching position at Sadie's school. It's 8:15am - 12:30pm, Monday through Friday, and I'm teaching 18 months to Kindergarten at a local Montessori school. Hello, Dream Come True. I only have God to thank, because left to my own devices, I wouldn't have started applying for jobs until next year. And I would never have found anything this perfect on my own! The hours are great, Sadie is adjusting so well to having me in her school, Norah has amazing childcare from a dear friend of mine that I met through our church childcare program, I am contributing to the family income a little bit, and I'm doing what I love. Praise. Praise. Praise. I taught all of last week and cannot say enough wonderful things about the children, teachers, and work environment. I'm just fulfilled and happy and so grateful that things worked out in God's time. 
So, join me on my new journey! And guess what, friends! I have to get dressed every day, again! I can really wear whatever I want- from yoga pants to a ball gown. The dress code is very flexible, but I'm just happy to be creative with my wardrobe and hopefully set a good example of self care for my students. Can't really think of something more fun than all of that for #FundayMonday! Now, if Beaners could be on the mend (she's taking her second nap of the day- which is unHEARD of), things would pretty much be nearly perfect.

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