Friday, November 22, 2013

All the Things, Lately

Lots of things have happened over the past few weeks. We traveled to Virginia to visit my family and the girls thoroughly enjoyed their time jumping in huge leaf piles. Outfits have been worn and forgotten. Noses have been bitten by bitter chills and beads of sweat have rolled off of our hot, hot foreheads. Fall has brought all sorts of weather, fun, and memories. It also brought pneumonia for me, which I'm finally just starting to get over. So, while I gather my thoughts, photos, and posts for the upcoming week, here are some things I've missed sharing with you.

My brother spent tons of time blowing leaves into a huge pile for the girls to play in. They had such a blast and I was glad to capture some sweet photos. Sadie especially enjoyed taking running leaps into the leaf mound and you can see the sheer joy on her face!
 On the way home from Virginia, the girls got really restless. We stopped at a big gas station/food store that had a few surrounding fields and I let them run some energy off before making the rest of the trip.
 At some point over the last two weeks, I ransacked WalMart's kids' sweats collection and got 3 matching outfits for the girls. I'll continue to do forced matching while they think it's awesome.
I'll spare you photos of myself, but then... the pneumonia came. Soup and tea, soup and tea, soup and tea.
 Movies and popcorn for the kiddos.
 Snuggling up in my bed for Christmas classics. <3
 And when I emerged from the depths of my bed, Sadie decided it was a good time to show Norah our wedding album. I cried. This was absolutely precious.
 And, though I'm always an early Christmas decorator, I've not completely bounced back. So, at least we have Sadie's bedroom tree up and decorated. Thank Heaven we'll be doing the big tree, tomorrow, as a whole family.

I have more to share! Stay tuned. And as always, thanks for sticking around while I'm so sporadic. :)

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