Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Norah Noo is Two!

Little Bean, you have enriched our lives so much in the last two years. You are our full-speed-ahead firecracker. Your smile literally radiates to every person you meet and your heart is so big. You kiss, hug, and snuggle your favorite people, look up to your sister, cling to Mommy, and love to play tag and monster with Daddy. You are so incredibly smart and that intelligence has helped you learn to manipulate me into a big pile of mush. You absolutely love animals and use our dogs as pillows. Your favorite words are "Nope," "That's mine," "Pool time!" and "Sadie." Your favorite color is orange, you love your baby dolls, swimming, school, books, the iPad, sandboxes, and running like a banshee through the house. Your favorite foods are spaghetti, watermelon, cucumbers, and strawberries. You won't turn down pizza or yogurt, either. Two years ago, you were born three weeks early, with a head full of black hair. You have grown and changed so much and we fall more deeply in love with you each day.
Here's that infectious little smile:
We celebrated your birthday on Saturday, June 14 with a picnic and playground play date. Friends and family joined us to watch you turn a year older and you had a blast, climbing the play structure, bouncing in the moon bounce, swinging with Daddy and JoJo, and snuggling Gigi, Pop, Uncle Ryan, and Grandma. Granddaddy came to celebrate Father's Day on Saturday night and you gave him some big hugs, too. You give love so freely to your closest people and we embrace that light so much. Today, we celebrated your birthday at school with brownies and a sing-a-long book. You looked absolutely gorgeous and I could tell that your friends and teachers just adore you. Happy 2nd birthday, Nooveroonies. You are loved more than you'll ever be able to understand.

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