Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Tribal Queen

Oops! I did it, again. I just got so much positive feedback, yesterday, that I couldn't NOT wear these puppies, again! I simply can't resist the comfort of these booties! And today, I even did a nude tight. Look at me, branching out. It's all thanks to you, really.

{can you tell that Hubs REALLY likes to take photos at an angle? hmmm....}

 dress: Asos Curve (won it on Ariana's blog giveaway!)
blazer: Christy Miller (from TJ Maxx)
tights: I think they're from Kohl's
booties: Payless
bracelet: won from Carly's blog giveaway (over a year ago!)

Thank Heaven Sydney made wearing a giant bun on the top of my head a chic choice. Most of you who follow me on twitter know that my alarm didn't go off this morning.
I hopped in the shower with my shower cap on, scrubbed and bubbled up, hopped out, and literally bobby pinned around the mess that I created under the shower cap. No lie. I didn't even brush it or re-try. What you see is what you get, today. All I had time for on the face was a bit of mascara. So, I knew I had to step it up with my outfit. This Asos Curve tribal inspired dress has been hanging in my closet, begging to be worn. Honestly, I envisioned it with gold gladiator sandals in the Summer, and couldn't imagine it another way. But this morning, I really, really wanted to wear it! Mostly, I wanted everything from the neck-down to look awesome, since I didn't have enough time to do anything from the neck-up. Yes, that means I've also lost my mind. So, THANK YOU to Ariana of FATale Fashion, who hosted the giveaway that landed me this awesome dress! I've already gotten a ton of compliments!
My only complaint is that I don't really know if this dress is particulary "Mom in a total rush" friendly. I had to put Little S on my lap this morning to put her shoes on, and her sweater dress got caught on the embellishments and pulled one off. I re-attached it, quickly. But I see these little shell thingies coming off quite easily, unless I'm super careful. And I don't really live a super careful lifestyle! But I suspect that's why Asos Curve attached a ton of extras!

My favorite part about being a style blogger is that I don't have to live up to anyone's expectations, but my own. I started writing Fashion Momma because I wanted to learn to wear what was in my closet and not fall into the frumpy mom thing. When I really started learning about the style blogging community, I felt pressured (not by anyone but myself) to change my style completely- become more trendy, wear things I wasn't necessarily comfortable in, try clothes that didn't look or feel appealing or comfortable to me... And I went through that phase. I layered weird stuff because I thought other people would think it was cool. I wore leggings as pants (not my thing- but I'm jealous of those of you that can pull it off and look killer!). And I started doing a full face of makeup,
That's just not me. I'm a full time, outside of the house, working mom, a wife to a lovely man that supervises night shift, and I'm 4'11" (petite and plus sized is really, REALLY hard). It's difficult to find things that don't look like something my great grandmother would wear for people that are built like me. But I've embraced who I am, thanks in large part to Leslie, who helped me with personal styling.
I'm a stylish mom-on-the-go (in a huge rush), and I need to
Thanks for allowing me to find myself, here!

I have a HUGE announcement coming up this afternoon. So all of you style bloggin' Mommas out there, stay tuned. You are NOT going to want to miss this!


  1. Kimberly, you look so cute today! I think this is my favorite look you have ever done. The dress, the booties, and the hair all equal a really fantastic look. I'm glad you have found a new love for your booties!

  2. Wow, Kinsey! That is a HUGE compliment from you! Thanks, pretty lady! I really appreciate it. :) I felt so ugly from the icky last minute wake-up call this morning!

  3. you look GORGEOUS!!! what a great dress, it looks as if it were made for you!
    so glad you wrote (and are continuing to write!) to find your own style. you're confidence and willingness to try new things is an inspiration!!

  4. The dress is perfect on you, so glad I could get it into the right hands :)

  5. Ariana- I'm so glad you got it to me, too! Woohoo! I'm so glad I found your blog that VERY day!

  6. LMCBW- YOU are an inspiration. And your comment his made me smile from ear to ear- like total dork style!

  7. That dress is really similar to something Cheryl Cole wore on X Factor and she's huuuuge in the UK. The bun looks great on you, I can't wear my hair up it gives me a headache :(

  8. You look amazing!!! I love that dress and can see how easy it would be to wear!

    I know what you mean about starting to think you should change the whole way you dress. This past weekend I was able to actually talk myself out of a purchase because I was only interested in it due to blogging. I'm so glad I didn't get it.


    P.S. Since we're both in Easter NC I'd love to do a blogger meet up sometime :-)

  9. It's so cute! I feel like I really need to experiment with my closet this year instead of just doing a few go-to pieces. Be daring and not care how I look (to an extent) and be confident in what I do wear!

  10. SO chic! I can't wait for the reveal of our big project ;)

  11. You are always so brave and bold with your fashion choices! PLUS you always look so great! Ahh I wish I had your style and your courage!

  12. oh wow! very chic...and great details on the dress!

  13. That dress looks amazing on you! What a fierce awesome look.

    I love your blog redesign!

  14. I love the dress.
    Yup I knew your alarm didn't go off.
    That hair is impressive.

  15. you look super fabulous today! And the new blog look? FABULOUS!

  16. That dress looks so good!!! Love it with the booties. You husband takes great pictures!

  17. @Pie- thanks so much! I have to totally credit Ariana because I wouldn't have ever come across this unique beauty without her and her awesome blog!

    @Sidewalk Chic- JoAnn, thanks! I'm glad you like the redesign- Kimmie of Blue Paper Lanterns TOTALLY did a great job! It's like she knew me before she knew me. :)

    @Colleen- My hair is impressive? Hah- thanks. Maybe I should try less often, because it seems to get compliments!

    @Ashley- Double thanks! You're so sweet. Thanks for noticing the new blog. :)

    @Kimberly- I strive to be as awesome, daring, and classy as you, my friend.

    @Kelly- I was so SCARED to wear the booties without black leggings or tights. Thanks! And I'll let Hubs know he can be my photog from now on! (he was a graphic design/art major- had to take some photog classes, I'm sure!)

  18. Kim, this dress looks AMAZING on you. Really.

    "I wore leggings as pants" --> did I miss this? I'm wondering if my definition of "leggings as pants" is different from other people's. I define wearing leggings as pants when one is wearing a shirt that does not cover one's bum and chocha (heh). I guess I don't remember you doing this?

  19. @Tara- HAH- no, my bum and chocha were def. covered. I did it with a tunic. Still not convinced, though. It was my Friday, Jan 8, 2010 post. I can't link to it for some reason, though...

  20. You look amazing! Since your style consult you've really lit up. I think it's fabulous! And I want that dress! AH!

  21. Question: How do you comment back to me in an email? This only happens with certain blogs and I'm trying to figure out how to communicate better with my readers.

  22. you look amazing in this dress. i love it, it's so bold and graphic. love the bun, i too rock sydney's bun tutorial every once in a while. my husband thinks it's weird. whatevs.


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