Thursday, January 6, 2011

Interview Day!

What do you wear for an interview in the department where you already work?
Good question. I struggled with that all night last night, until I came up with today's outfit.
See, here's the thing- I'd wear a suit to any other interview. I know what's considered professional and whatnot, but here's my beef (and I think I said this, before, when I interviewed for my current position). I work here every single day. These people know my style and they know who I am. Many of them know about my blog, too. So, if I wore a suit, it would kind of be like fraud, don't you think? I'm not a "suit" person. So, I figured I'd stay classy and professional, but add color, embellishment, and some layering. Now, I feel like a more polished, interview-ready, version of regular ol' me!
first of all, I know, I know- the pictures are fuzzy and my eyes are red.
until I get the privileges of having photoshop on my work computer (for no other reason than having a blog), we work with what we have!
but, if someone wants to tell me about this website, (or something like that), I'd love to know more!
email me at ksparham(at)gmail(dot)com.

sweater: NY&Co
cami: Catalog Connection (don't know brand)
slacks: Old Navy
flats: WalMart
necklace: bridesmaid gift from Nikki
earrings: bridesmaid gift from Kristen

I got this sweater with one of my giftcards from Christmas. Thanks to my MIL, I'm now the new owner of something fuschia (my mom's color)! Or ... I don't really know if that's what color this sweater is.  You can refer to your Pantone flip. We have one at home (hubs is a graphic designer), and I look at it a lot for color inspiration. Anyway, what I love most is the neckline! It's literally a bunch of little knots made of the sweater material, but they are really tightly woven in and very sturdy. I think it's really, really pretty!

This is our faculty/staff lounge at work. It's the only place that had any natural light this morning (indoors). It's freezing and raining, outside, so I didn't go for the front yard pics, today. I really need to be adventurous and go searching for better locations. If I could just get my butt out of bed i nthe mornings...
I literally spent about 5 minutes JUST on concealing my undereyes this morning. That's so pathetic. I mean, maybe it's not. Maybe, if you do a whole face of makeup every day and are really into it, 5 minutes is normal for concealing. I have no idea. All I know is that I haven't had a hangover in a really long time, but I remember what it looks like on me. And today, I looked hungover.
All I've had to drink for days is water. Oh, and a diet root beer last night.

I hope everyone has a wonderful day! Tomorrow is FRIDAY, already. Can you believe it?
Make sure to check yesterday's post about the brand new Trendy Tots Tuesdays!
We'll be starting next week.
Now, wish me luck, and I tell you how it all went down, tomorrow!



  1. kim! you look gorgeous today. i love this outfit and your skin looks GLOWY! good luck with your interview :)

  2. Love that outfit! You look fabulous! :)

  3. CUTE SHIRT! Good luck today :) and about picnik~ Do it :)its better than nothing! love you!

  4. @Suzie- Thank you so much! You're too sweet. I actually put make-up on today. I guess it makes a difference. :)

    @Kendra- shot you a quick email! Thanks for stopping by. :)

    @Jackie- THANK YOU! I love this top. It totally reminds me of my mom. And thanks for the picnik info!

  5. good luck with your interview :)

    I'm trying to think of free photo editors you can download...I think Kodak EasyShare is free? I don't even have a Kodak camera anymore but I still use EasyShare, and I had to re-download it when I got my new harddrive back in September. Pretty sure I did it right from the site. It's no photoshop but it will at least get rid of red eyes!

  6. I love that color top! The purples are some of my favorite colors. I feel like they look good on just about anyone.

    And I know I wished you good luck on twitter, but good luck! :) <3

  7. You'll be great at your interview! You look amazing, that color is perfect on you and the detail of the neckline is simply wonderful!


  8. i think it is the perfect interview outfit.
    you look beautiful my dear! <3
    good luck!

  9. @Tara- thanks! I'll try the Kodak EasyShare. Picnik works pretty well (tried it this morning!). Thanks for the luck!

    @Kimberrleigh- with all the luck you're sending me, I should sail through! Thanks. :)

    @Rochelle- I HOPE SO! I was nervous about the color, because my mom has really dark hair and it always looks so wonderful on her.

    @Gee- Thanks! I tried to be "me!"

    ** I'm about to eat lunch and head to the big interview! Thanks for all of your support!

  10. Oh I LOVE the colour of that top! <3


  11. yayyyy you!! good luck, i hope you get it!!

  12. So pretty! I hope you get the job! You are so beautiful in that color so I am glad you got that top!! I am excited about your new project and can't wait to feature pictures of my daughters for it!!

  13. @Tricia- Thank you so much. I REALLY like this top. It's warm and comfortable and I think it makes my skin look nice. I hope I get the job, too. I'm nervous! And YAY, I'm so excited that you're going to do Trendy Tots Tuesday!!!

  14. Great outfit! I've been using picasa for my photos lately--a nice, simiple program for those of us who aren't photoshop experts.

  15. I think you chose a good outfit. Also I can't tell you looked hungover so you must have done a good job on your makeup.
    When I have bags under my eyes and attempt concealer, I just look like I have concealer and bags under my eyes.

  16. To clarify you said you looked hungover and I was disagreeing. I wasn't saying I thought you were drunk/post drunk.


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