Monday, February 7, 2011

Mansome Monday: Casually Professional

Alllllright you Mansome fans let’s get ready to get ready! I know, I know it’s Monday and it is the Monday after the Super Bowl so I am sure you are feeling a little sluggish, tired, and, dare I say, hung over? But Mansome is here and I am always having a great day! So look no further than Fashion Momma’s page to help you through your case of the Mondays! BOOM. But let’s get a couple of thing out of the way. There was NOT one funny commercial last night, Fergie (and those other fellas (do they even matter?)) sounded terrible, which was only compounded by the lack of a competent sound guy, and Christina Aguilera and every other person should just sing the words and not try to make the Star Spangled Banner a pop song. Here’s a thought – IT'S NOT ABOUT YOU! It’s about me being Mansome and improving YOUR lives!
I was thinking about the latest way I can help not only my faithful followers but also fashion world and I had a tremendous idea. Each week, thanks to my fashion sense and insight, I have helped put more men into nice cloths and have pointed out that week old sweat pants are for those who are striving to live life alone (if that is your choice that is fine. But please know that hoodie and matching pants are not doing you any favors). So this week I decided to change up the game a bit. One of the subjects I have only discussed once is what is an acceptable Mansome accessory? So, get ready to accessorize (which is similar to when your mom would take those Jazzercise classes but not quite)!

So fellas, and to the ladies that are reading this for your man, what is an acceptable Mansome accessory? The first thing is lets state the obvious, shoes are inherent with every outfit (unless you are dating a Hobit from Lord of the Ring) so I will not include them. But if your man only wears sneakers – you might either want to get out the relationship now or just dig in – you have a huge hill to climb. The first Mansome Accessory is the belt – essential to any outfit. Why? Because butt cleavage is NEVER sexy! And if you are wearing shorts that may or may not also be considered pants (AKA Shants) you are doing a better job of turning off the ladies than a bad case of B.O. I also have discussed a wallet and money clip which are also a Mansome approved accessory. I can see no other reason why fella would have more than these two accessories. Seriously what else does a fella need? Satchel? Nope I am not David Beckham (his Mansome qualities have been under review for some time now). Jewelry No! (Wedding ring is acceptable … sometimes) other rings, earrings, necklaces? You are trying to become Mansome NOT Womansome. Sunglasses – okay but ONLY if the sun is out and if you are wearing ones that do NOT cover your whole face (ladies this goes for you too). Shades that go from your forehead to chin are NOT attractive.
My Outfit:

Today I am wearing what is the model of business casual: not too thick corduroy pants from Banana Republic. Normally, I only break out the corduroy pants for really cold days but these are not too heavy, a light brown, and perfect for early fall / spring type of days. I am also wearing a blue with red striped shirt made by Polo. Believe it or not I actually had several compliments regarding this shirt from both my male and female students. (I have thought about wearing something not as Mansome to ensure that my students are paying closer attention rather than daydreaming about trying to become just a little bit more Mansome)! My accessories: Kenneth Cole boots and a brown belt!
Outfit Name: Causally Professional: A true professional through and through but this outfit suggests after hours are a fun time!
Thanks to everyone reading and posting! Please keep following Kimberly at FashionMomma22 and myself at JWFaulkner on twitter. Till next Monday!


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