Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Everybody Everywear: Classic Blazer

Husband made today what he called "Practice Day." I was to practice getting up and getting Little S. ready as if he was not at home. And I was to get her to daycare on time and to work on time.
Yeah, right!!!
Who was he kidding? A morning to get ready, blow my hair dry, and put makeup on with the HELP of another parent? Pfffffft. I was going to enjoy it. We took turns going into Little S.' room to coax her awake, then I picked out her clothes and he dressed her while I did my hair and makeup. Co-parenting is so wonderful. Husband then drove us both to daycare, where he took me in and made me practice dropping her off and not having a conversation with the daycare lady. That was really hard for me. And then he brought me to work. On time. He thinks he bore a little baby miracle this morning, but what he doesn't realize is that Little S. only throws mega morning fits when he's not there. Sneaky, sneaky.

This just in:
The lovely Kori of Blonde Episodes featured me on her blog, today!
Check out what it is that I think about LOVE!
Thanks for letting me share!!!

It's also Classic Blazer day at Everybody Everywear!
I aaaalllllmost wore a grey cardigan, today, but then I remembered, just in time, that it's February 8th! That means it's blazer day and I'm so glad this baby was just cleaned! Unfortunately, my new office has extra wonky lighting, so I'm going to really need to work out outfit photos! Don't you think a new camera (ahem, birthday is in 5 days) would motivate me to scout better locations for my photos?

Image 245

embellished purple top: Charlotte Russe
blazer: Christy Miller via TJ Maxx
slacks: Old Navy
pewter flats: Life Stride, handed down from Whitney

Day 18: A time when you felt passionate and alive-
Oh my goodness. EASY.

Good day, kind readers!


  1. OMG..shes too cute today!! I totally want her dress in my size, lol. Im loving the blazer too...really classic look....and ohh, I have a headache:(
    Not the best way to start a day...but Im sporting my new ModCloth dress....things must get better...ttys love!!

    Stop by and say Hello♥
    Let’s Rock the 30x30 Remix..check it out!!♥

  2. You're rocking the blazer. Lil S is rocking period. Loved reading your post today. xo

  3. little S looks adorable. practice day sounds like "fun" lol

  4. She is too cute in her gingham dress!! :)

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