Friday, February 11, 2011

Mansome Valentine's Special!

Hi! Fashion Momma, here. It's been a while since I inserted my commentary in a Mansome post, but I think I'll have to break myself back in, today, because... well, it'll be necessary. Enjoy!

It’s Friday! We are working for the weekend AND what could be better than a Mansome secret post?! Winning the lottery? No mo’ money mo’ problems. Everlasting life? Nope, that would get boring. Mansome Friday, Monday, and/or wheneverday (I'm fairly certain that "wheneverday" is the best word Mansome has ever come up with. I'll actually use this one.) is clearly the best thing in your life and in the world now, forever, and always!
Along with showing you my outfit today, I also thought my millions, AND MILLIONS, of followers would LOVE some Valentine’s advice! That’s right today is a Mansome Valentine’s Special! (Weeee!!! I love a little advice from a comedian serious man.) It’s a lot like those Christmas television specials you watched when you were a kid but only the Mansome, sexiness, and fashion are increased by the power of 10,000 (bwahahaha)!

All, as your Fashion Poppa, you must know by now that my world and life is more than just fashion (Oh no! All of my hopes and dreams are crushed...). While that comes to a shock and some might consider it blasphemy remember Mansome is not only about fashion, it is so much more. One cannot simply be considered Mansome only in their fashion sense (Oh, no. I'm afraid of what's to come... ). True, fashion is the first step to life improvement, but to be Mansome you have to live and feel it. It is a lot like achieving Nirvana; many will strive for enlightenment and few will obtain it, but it is through your sacrifice and journey that you will begin to feel fulfilled. (I'm mentally preparing myself for enlightenment in the future paragraphs...)

I realize that Valentine’s Day is Monday (look for my regular Monday post) and I know that many of you, both the fellas and chicas out there need help; whether it is regarding fashion or life – that is why you come to your Fashion Momma and Fashion Poppa – for improvement! (From the mouths of babes... Because certainly, I'm just here to entertain! That's what I get paid the big bucks for.) The first thing every aspiring Fashionista needs to know is: Valentine’s Day is NOT about YOU! (OH hell, here we go...) Sorry, ladies but it’s not. Those of you who are expecting gifts and/or think that your man has to do something for you, you are mistaken and you should be dumped. (Alright, expecting a gift is kind of lame. WANTING one is perfectly normal, though. Don't feel bad, ladies OR gentlemen, if you want a brand new car for Valentine's Day. That's okay. Just don't expect it. That's what makes you lame.) Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate friendship or to celebrate your relationship. That is the key; your relationship with your loved one or ones. (Who's swooning? He's so sweeeet.) If you think you deserve a gift, my guess is that you do not deserve one and you need to get over your materialistic attitude. To have a Mansome Valentine’s Day, gifts are not encouraged or required. You just need to follow my advice! 
I've gotta see this.

(I don't know how I like the term "womansome." Win some, lose some. WInsome. Haha.)

What to Get Your Somewhat, Not Quite, but Trying to be Mansome Fella in your Life:

Keep it simple. Listen, we are all working, unless V-Day falls on a weekend. So who really has time to put on a big production? (And NO, the amount the gift costs or the effort you put into the gifts says NOTHING about your feelings. Many people think the opposite but here is the deal, you are spending all of this money, time, and energy not in some benevolent manner but in hopes of getting something in return; so quit kidding yourself and stop thinking that $, elaborate plans, time, and energy on a gift = love.)

Why not just make dinner together? Go to the movies (it does not have to be on the day) just make time for each other and do something as a couple! Hang out, rent a movie, something but make it about you as a couple rather than an individual. 
love this idea.

If you feel the need to buy something, small is always better. A money clip, cufflinks, something that will help his fashion sense... How about cologne (which will be something that YOU love to smell) all are good ideas. But keep it simple!
hubs loves when I choose/buy his cologne.

A final idea is for you to buy something for yourself but is really for him that will keep him (and you) warm on those cold nights (hint hint wink wink)!
check, please?

Fellas, my advice to you is the same, keep it simple, spend time together, hangout, how about YOU cook dinner for once? (Yeah! How about that?) A great Mansome tip is for you to think through your idea at least one day before. (Wait... you have the capacity to plan ahead?) It does not have to be something that requires a lot of planning (Oh... nevermind.) but the bottom line is the ladies like to see that you have your stuff together and you are not “faking it.”

Gift ideas: keep it simple, something meaningful, flowers are nice (Women who say they hate flowers are lying. Yes, they're cliche. Yes, they die. Yes, we hate begging for them- or even hinting at them. But we love them because they are a simple sign of how much you love us.), stuffed animals are great (I can't agree with this. Stuffed animals were cute in middle and high school... but these days, who has space to keep a stuffed animal? And what grown, fashionable, chic woman is going to display Valentine's Days worth of stuffed animals in her home? Maybe... just maybe one cute teddy bear to snuggle with when you're not there will be okay.), how about a date night- bottle of wine, anyone (notice I said BOTTLE, not box (LMCBW, I'm with you. Boxes are awesome and supply more libations.)), or perfume? How about just go shopping with her?! (BEST.VALENTINE'S GIFT.EVER.) You do not have to buy anything, but go to a couple of stores and do not whine or complain the whole time.(Bless you, Mansome.)

The bottom line is do something together! Time spent together is better than any money spent on a gift!

Thanks again for all of the follows! Keep your comments and questions coming! Continue reading Fashion Momma’s blog and following us on twitter, FashionMomma22 and JWFaulkner! Have a good weekend and see you Monday BOOM!


  1. I love his advice!!! I am seriously LOL when reading this post, great job!!

  2. Such a funny post.
    Happy birthday, dear!

  3. So funny. LOVE this!! Great job, Mansome! :)

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