Thursday, March 31, 2011

Awkward & Awesome & Outfit Fail

Sometimes I think really hard about an outfit, have it all hanging up, properly layered on a hanger, jewelry included, and it looks awesome. Then, I get up a little later since I don't have to think about what I'm gonna wear, get dressed with my geniusly pre-planned outfit, and feel a bit disappointed when my master plan turned out to be a flop. Thank goodness for adorable, fashion-forward toddlers who are walking around, playing with the perfect shoes to compliment an outfit and make it a little better. Guys, I seriously couldn't decide on shoes this morning. I was so wishy washy about the outfit in the first place, and Little S. walked up with these shoes and all I could think was, "Kid, you are a genius." I'm still not pleased with the look as a whole, but the oxfords definitely made it better.

I did about two Awkward & Awesome Thursdays and got overwhelmed with other stuff, a while back. It's making a comeback, and Awkward & Awesome Thursday, hosted by Sydney, will be a regular weekly event around here, now!

grey dress: Old Navy
purple peasant top: Miley Cyrus/Max Azria for WalMart
powder blue cardigan: Old Navy, gifted by ML
studded oxfords: Ross (brand is worn), gifted by Rochelle
long beaded knot necklace: gifted by ML
short flower necklace: gifted by my aunt

Wow... I didn't buy a whole lot of this ensemble, huh?
Thanks for contributing to my wardrobe, everyone!
I'm always open to donations, btw.

- Taking outfit pictures outside of my favorite Mexican restaurant and hearing the security alarm going off on the inside... Yikes!
- Starting the P today and having a Mounds bar, S'Mores pop tart, and an iced Cocoa Cappuccino for breakfast. Hello, chocoholic?
- Having the Chair of my department comment on yesterday's outfit like this: "Wow! Look at those stockings! HOLY COW!" All I could think was, "Is this inappropriate?" But we totally don't have a dress code, really... 
- Signing up to get text updates from American Idol so I can vote... like a 13-year-old, then voting for Casey, Haley, and Lauren 30x, each.

- JLo's dress, last night! Hell yeah! I want it. Can someone work that out for me?
- We Love Colors. That is all.  
- We're going to Olive Garden for lunch, today! Woo!
- My boss' relationship with his wife (he brought her to work today so they could hang in his office). They are SO CUTE!
- Bloggy friends that are super extra supportive.
- Third day hair success! Extra yay!

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