Monday, March 28, 2011

Mansome Monday: Eye Candy

Before I let Jason take the reigns, here, I need to simply say that he has been a constant pillar of support while my blog has been through the ringer over the past few days. He might play rough (and I admit, I've been on the defense several times, before), but more than the character, Jason is a stand-up guy. Dude, I really appreciate your having my back all the time.
Now... if I could just get you to stop making fun of people.

You might also notice that a lot of my blog posts are gone. This was partially by my choice and partially by someone else's. Several of my posts were tampered with or deleted as of the wee hours of this morning. I took it upon myself to weed out any posts including my daughter's photo and all posts that were tampered with or no longer had photos connected for whatever reason. It's been a really hard time for me, while coming to grips with the fact that my blog is basically starting over from the beginning of this year, when I've been writing it since November 2009. But I cannot change what's been done and I can only keep my head up and move forward. That being said, I will unfortunately (and it BREAKS my heart that I feel unsafe enough to do this) not be hosting Trendy Tots Tuesday, anymore. I know many of you (including me) really enjoyed Tuesday posts and pictures of Little S., especially in her sweet We Love Colors tights! But for the safety of my family, I am choosing not to post photos of my daughter, any more. 

Which leads me to... Mansome Monday, which will have its very own place in the Navigation Bar! Jason adds a bit of sass to my blog that I wouldn't otherwise bring. I enjoy having a guy's perspective on what's important regarding everyday menswear. Reading comes with a price, though. Take the leap and find out if you're prepared. The sarcasm might hit you in the face.
Fair warning. :)


Welcome back my friends to the blog that never ends! It is like you all are my Prodigal children your Fashion Poppa is here to welcome you home! Remember all, it is not what you say, think, or even how you treat people, it is all about how you look! Spring is right around the corner and I am working very diligently to help the man in your life become an iota closer to Mansomement. (Yup, made up another word!) I never understood why everyone wanted to look good for the warmer weather. It is like they are actually trying to date the weather! Fellas and ladies, just because the temperature rises does not mean you should be more fashion conscious, you should be fashion conscious regardless of temperature! I would also like to point out that less can be more. Many of you know that I teach young adults and many are under the impression that lots of skin = a Womansome outfit, and yes, sometimes it is the fellas that think their tanikini-looking shirt will attract the ladies. Wrong, Wrong, Wrong!

Recently Fashion Momma was victim of a cyber crime. I must apologize to Fashion Momma and all of her readers; why? I found out that the perpetrator was a jealous boyfriend of an avid Fashion Poppa fan and a devout Mansomelite (yup, Mansomelite (noun): “one who is actively trying to become more Mansome” look it up!) That is all I will say about this no-life because he/she does not deserve anyone’s time of day. And you know that I know that he/she knows he/she could not be further from Mansome or Womansome if they tried.

My outfit today is one that shows off all of my assets, which are... everything! My shoes are my black lace Pronto Uomo. The pants are from Express and if you look real close you can see the checkered pattern. Go ahead, you can stare, wouldn’t be the first time or the last time. Your coworkers will understand once they see the outfit and the person wearing it! My shirt is from Banana Republic and it features purple stripes. I will let you just take the outfit in for a minute or so………………………………………… 
Don’t feel embarrassed I could not begin my lesson, today, for the same reason.

Outfit name: Eye Candy – Need I say more? Nope, just scroll back up and checkout my picture!
Thanks for reading! Thanks again for all of the follows! Keep your comments and questions coming! Continue reading Fashion Momma’s blog and following us on twitter, FashionMomma22 andJWFaulkner! Have a good week and see you, again, Monday. 

... and Jason

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