Thursday, April 14, 2011

Awkward & Awesome Thursday & Polyvore


- Not having an outfit photo and trying to maneuver Polyvore so I don't miss out on showing you what I'm wearing, today
- Pretending like there's not insane amounts of tension when there totally is
- Telling someone they are going to continue getting paid if they do X, then find out after X (which is irreversable, by the way) has been done that I was wrong
- Twisting my bangs back to the side a la Lauren Conrad and having a million people say, "I thought you got bangs!"
Actually, I magically grew them back, over night. So cool, right?
- People who consistently don't make it to appointments and use the same lame excuse errr time.
Car troubles? Really? I didn't see that one coming...



- For the first time, ever, I finally figured out how to use Polyvore (ahem, please don't make fun of the slow-to-upkeep blogger behind the computer screen).
- Being able to trick people into thinking I never got bangs because I'm a master hair stylist! Or.. I'm really good at getting a few extra minutes of sleep and using the bit-o-build-up from unwashed hair to create magic.
- How blue my eyes are when I use light pink eyeshadows.
- The fact that this work day is only 20 minutes longer and I'll soon have a little toe-headed munchkin in my presence!
- The package I received in the mail from Rochelle, yesterday! Hey, THANKS, friend!
- This dress. I swear, it feels like a nightgown, has a pretty waistline, and makes me feel feminine and flirty!
- All of the FLIPPIN' ROCKSTAR buddies I'm making via bloggity blog bloggin', lately!

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