Thursday, April 21, 2011

Collegiate Class with Kerri!

Good morning, readers! Just recently, an old friend of mine and I got back in touch. Her name is Kerri and she's a student at the university where I work. Through facebook, Kerri found the Fashion Momma blog and became a regular reader (thanks, girl!). We connected on twitter and over the past week, I thought it would be cool to include Kerri and all of her sweet, southern stylishness in a collegiate class post! I met this young lady in 2008, when I was working as a patient care and therapy specialist at a local chiropractor's office. She was finishing her senior year in high school and completing her senior project/internship with us. I was her mentor and we became fast friends. Our disdain for the office environment and pitiful workload brought us together. We talked clothes a lot back then! Wanna peek inside the mind of a beautiful college lady? Let's go!

Fashion Momma: Early in the morning, is it more important to get your hair perfect or your make-up?
Kerri: Definitely my hair. It's high maintenance, especially in the humidity. 
(FYI, Kerri has beautiful, Egyptian curls!)

FM: On those tough mornings, do you choose comfort or style?
K: Well, as much as I'd like to choose comfort, I work an office job at the university, so I guess style. I have to be professional. If I want to have a comfortable day, I can wear jeans and a college t-shirt since I work here. At least that's considered professional.
(Love t-shirt and jeans days, especially during football season! We're lucky we can get away with wearing pretty much whatever we want!)

FM: What's your #1 must have accessory?
K: Probably my pearl studs. I don't really wear big earrings, so I just keep my pearl and diamond studs in and I wear them every day.

FM: What are 3 wardrobe staples you can't live without?
K: Cowboy boots, a good pair of bootcut jeans, and lots of sundresses (to wear with the boots)!
From one trendy girl to YOU, Mr. Mansome- the South seems to prevail with its cowboy boots and dress/skirts style.

FM: What's the best way to dress in the North Carolina heat and humidity during the summer and still stay classy?
K: Tailored khaki shorts (or sundresses), easy and breathable tops, and cute baseball caps or straw fedoras for days that it's not worth fighting what the humidity is going to do to my hair.

Kerri, thank you so much for participating in the first edition of Collegiate Class. We'll see if this is a continuing series! If any other college students are reading and would like to participate, please let me know. I'd love to do a monthly feature with you! If you're not on my campus, you can fill out the questions via email and send in some photos! Email me if you're interested at kimberly.s.parham{at}gmail{dot}com!
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