Wednesday, April 20, 2011

We Love Colors Wednesday: Scout Green

It's my favorite day of the bleek, again! I love when this day happens. Although, it's going to be a sweltering 90 degrees, today. Let's so how much longer I can manage tights every Wednesday. You just wait. You'll be surprised how long I can last! (That's what she said.)

Today, I just HAD to wear this new dress that my MIL bought for me two weekends ago. We were in Target and she basically told me to pick one dress out and she'd get it for me! I reeaaallly wanted to get something from the Go International collection, but for as many times as I remix (not often enough), I didn't want to ask her to pay $40 for something. Then, I saw this beauty. I hardly own any red, so that was my first draw. Second, I remembered this post by Kendi and the little red, floral Target dress went in the basket.

I never claimed to be a talented self-photographer. Setting the camera on top of my grill and hoping for the best in my ill-lit back yard was probably not the greatest plan. But it's We Love Colors Wednesday! I couldn't wait for Husband to come home, tonight!

Ooolala, that dress is SHORT!

dress: Target
cardigan: Old Navy
scout green tights: c/o We Love Colors
heels: Bandolina, via Ross (gifted by Rochelle)
belt: Old Navy
earrings: New York & Company

I've checked my work email, had my coffee, and am about to send off a bunch of admissions packets. Hooray for a productive Wednesday morning! Even more hooray that Friday's a holiday and I'm FREE after 5:00, tomorrow. C'mon, Thursday!

Stay tuned for TWO surprises coming up tomorrow & Friday!

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