Friday, April 8, 2011

FBFF - Spring Trends 2011

This week, Katy asked us what Spring trends we'll be rocking this year! You know this girl loves a good online shopping endeavor, so I had a great time with this set of questions! I hope you all enjoy my picks and I'd LOVE to hear what Spring trends you can't live without this year! You all know I totally lean on you for inspiration!
Leave a comment with your picks, below!
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First of all, this woman inspires me to do everything she does. So, naturally, I read her blog and then I want to wear floral dresses. All.The.Time. I love the femininity of florals, as well as their timelessness and ability to be layered upon and transferable through the seasons. 
 Kimberly is a genius when it comes to picking out hot trends and showing them in variety. As soon as she posted about brightly colored legs, I hopped on the link almost immediately. Most of you know I don't shy away from color... like, ever. I'll wear colorful tights until the cows come home. But I haven't jumped on the brightly colored pants bandwagon, yet. Oh, I am SO there, now!

 It's no secret that Jessica looks wonderful in even a potato sack. Okay, I haven't actually SEEN her in a potato sack, yet, but I'm sure she'll make that "in" during the Summer. Just kidding. Or not. I don't really know. All I know is that as soon as this "Shipped Out" post came up in my reader, I marked it as a favorite and filed the photo in my inspiration folder. I don't own traditional nautical or Breton stripes, but I'm thinking I need to. Nautically inspired outfits are classic, preppy, and can be versatile enough to take from work to weekend!

 If you haven't met my own personal Super Woman, yet, please feast your eyes on Megan! I've adored her since I "met" her blog. It was love at first sight. And I have some serious respect for a woman who can rock 5 inch heels in her last weeks of pregnancy! Whether Megan is expecting or not, she's stylish, sweet, and absolutely fun! I never had a "thing" for the ever-popular Cynthia Vincent for Target wedges (last Summer) until I saw this post! Watching Megan style these babies several times has definitely made me realize how badly I need some affordable, comfortable wedges (the height wouldn't hurt, either)!

Kori, over at Blonde Episodes, has an affinity for featuring everything drool worthy. Last week, she posted a few photos of the Boho style that's coming back (or never really left). The hairstyles blew me away. They are all so natural and flowing. I have to appreciate that, because my hair is wavy and crazy, and during the warmer months, I prefer not to use heat styling tools. So the Boho post definitely gave me more confidence about wearing my hair au natural!

Kori also hosts Fashion Fridays on her blog, so go link up, NOW!

Alright, what can't YOU wait to rock this Spring?
Undoubtedly, your loves will add many more to my list of "must haves!"

As always, if you'd like to link up with your FBFF questions, head over to Modly Chic and check it all out! You can see all of the other participants' answers, too!

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