Saturday, April 9, 2011

Intense Adoration: 4.9.11

It's that time of the week, again! Happy Saturday, everyone!
Here are the five things that have made my Intense Adoration list for the week ending 4.9.11!

Perfectly bright hued Spring pouts...

in Fairy Tale or Flame!

The most magical potty training book, EVER...

For $4.50 from Target (Amazon's price is $1!), I couldn't pass this baby up. 
Little S. is begging for Potty Time and reads it almost by herself (via pictures)!

The hair color I can't afford to keep up
and bangs I drool over, but can't seem to commit to...

THE lovely Reese Witherspoon!
Is everything about her perfection? Intensely adore her!

This just in... Flared jeans are BACK!
and doesn't she look dreamy?

I pinned a blogger on Pinterest. Am I allowed to do that?
Taylor Sterling, I want to carry you around in my pocket for inspiration.

Zooey Deschenal's fresh look, natural waves, 
and gorgeous doe eyes...

We're gonna be best friends when I grow up... and she'll teach me how to do my eye makeup so that I look that hot Hey, Zooey!

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