Monday, April 11, 2011

Mansome Monday: Southern Charm

Pass out the paper bags – we can’t be held responsible for your hyperventilation – because it is Mansome Monday! Like any serious addict, who NEEDS your Mansome Fix every Monday, just after the withdraws start to end  and you think maybe just maybe you can go on … BOOM … I am back and you realize how awesome the Mansome drug is! Yup, 11 out of 10 (you read that right) doctors approve, no need for an FDA certification or approval, and legal in all states, not just California, providing hot-flashes to females AND males;

Now, in my last post there was some confusion as to my real name and I just want to address this issue. On my birth certificate (and Fashion Union card) it reads, Fashion Poppa. But as we discussed before, Mansome is a way of life, more than a zen-like experience, it is 11 times more powerful enlightenment, it is more powerful than sharing a beer with my pal JC (yup, we are on a nickname bases but for the rest of you that’s Mr. Christ. He calls me FP by the way), so really my name IS Fashion Poppa but I am also the one true Mansome – whew, I am glad we settled that.

All of my outfits, and today is NO exception, should be shared with that special someone in your life in hopes that they can reach Mansomement. But today’s threads are extra special. It is not just the outfit but it is the shoes. Yup, ladies I said it! Shoes! So those who have a foot fetish, grab the ball gag and strap in! I am wearing Liz Claiborne micro-fiber pants (for those who do not know this does NOT mean that my pants are extra short or that they ran out of thread, as many of you would like. Micro-fiber simply means I am environmentally conscious and waaayyy past just plain, normal fiber). But my pants are not the main attraction of today’s outfit …

Today I am wearing sandals. What? Sandals with pants? Yes! I see a lot of fellas out there kicking and screaming when they are being dressed and their woman tries to put sandals on to accompany an outfit with pants. If they would only stop crying and learn that sandals do not just go with shorts. However, you need the right sandal/pant combination. First, fellas, you can’t keep wearing those buy 2 for $5 dollar Old Navy sandals-that-look-more-like-shower-shoes sandals. No knock on Old Navy but … you need to class it up. So you will notice I am wearing Rainbow Sandals that go great with khakis. Also notice the pants are not hanging off my ass and they are not too long so that I am walking on them. Boom! Look at that, sandals with pants!

My shirt is by polo and the yellow compliments my greenish eyes – symmetry baby symmetry. And there you have it: a perfect outfit for a spring day, but one that can also be worn to the office.

Outfit Name – Southern Charm
Not from the South but when it gets hot, sticky, and hazy you got Mansome fever – and I’m not talking about the weather!
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p.s.- Stay tuned for tomorrow's very important post about how NOT to attract a quality companion.

... and Jason

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